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    Burn-in for CIEM, myth or magic?

    I’m sure it is measurable with csd graph because fr graph only tell the summation of all the outputs. Problem is very few have the proper equipment for csd graphs.
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    IEM recommendations for $300

    Periodic >fa haven IV. It’s been awhile since I’ve sold my fa. Bass not as powerful but good nonetheless. Be single driver ba just can’t compete.
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    Periodic Audio IEMs Mg, Ti, Be, C

    I only amp when I’m in the mood to break something. It will get loud quickly, at loud volumes, you will be more engage into the music. I’m wondering what kind of music do you listen to? For edm, there are others that better, for vocals, rocks, and metals, these are as good as you can get.
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    Brainwavz Audio B400 4-Way Quad Driver 3D Printed IEM

    maybe another pink one for the wifey and a wireless cable.
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    Periodic Audio IEMs Mg, Ti, Be, C

    Every I go back to the Be, I'm surprise by how good it sounds, so engaging and intimate. Voices are so clear it's kinda eerie. Ellie Goulding, Rihanna, Sade, Sarah Brightman.
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    FLC Technology FLC8 and FLC8s Impressions Thread

    While, I agree with you about be cables, it's was my first complain, but it does come with 5 years warranty. Overall, I feel the flc is one of the most musical iem I've heard, it checks all the right boxes for the price, imo, it's the leader in value, however the be is also up there with a much...
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    AKG IEM supplied by Samsung Note 8 smartphone.

    that's because Samsung now owns Harman kardon (akg, jbl, infinity, revel, ...).
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    crinacle's IEM FR measurement database

    From my perspective, crin's graph may not be the most accurate, but he is consistent, so I can take one iem and compare it to another pretty confidently. As much I enjoy flin's review, but at the end of the day, it's all subjective with no data for reference. He's very skill at conveying...
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    flinkenick's 17 Flagship IEM Shootout Thread (and general high-end portable audio discussion)

    It's hard to describe dry until you hear it. To me it means something that has very little decay. Usually iems with very low distortion. Not necessarily bad or good. Sometimes a little decay in the bass will give it a lot more depth and and a little hint in treble sound more vibrant...
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    crinacle's IEM FR measurement database

    whats a good iOS eq? one with parametric eq and q controls if available. Thanks
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    TOUR CLOSED - Advanced Acousticwerkes US CIEM Demo Lineup Tour - W900, W500, plus two surprises >>> Starting March 2017

    I was actually interested in the w500 as I already owned the a3. A long as I can demo the w900, then it's all good because that is also on the list for my next iem.
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    Wow!!!icarus is a pretty fun iem, I like it. Its just makes you smile on an upbeat song. Makes you want to tap your feet and bob your head. It's also more comfortable than it looks. Its such a shame in the current state of TA. If they have had a better business model, they could have a lot...
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    Just got my Icarus III, initial impressions are very good. Very enjoyable. I like it more than ma750 that I gave away. Build quality is excellent and has lots of accessories. I will need to play around with different nozzles to see which I like best. Voices are very clear on Adel's "someone...