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    Flux Lab Acoustics FA-10, FA-10 Pro, FA-12, FCN-10 & FA-12s Amplifiers - Summit-Fi for the People?: Reviews, Impressions & Discussion

    I guess I wasn't very clear from the start and it somehow got messy. I didn't mean that Flux Labs is no more never to return back, I'm sorry if it sounded that way. I only meant that they are taking a pause until things will get back on track. Of course they will be back at some point, crafting...
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    HiBy R5 Gen 2 - Class A headamp, Dual ES9219C, 35h playtime, MQA 16x, open Android

    Hey folks, Just posted my video review for the R5 Gen 2 DAP, you can find it right here.
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    The New Enleum AMP-23R Amplifier (Successor to Bakoon AMP-13R) Thread

    Hey guys, Just posted my comprehensive review for the AMP-23R. Juicy comparisons with the Ferrum OOR + Hyspos and Burson Soloist 3X GT are also included :)
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    [FiiO M17] Dual ES9038PRO, dual THXAAA-788+, dual power supplies, 9200mAh battery, 2 volume control modes (FW1.0.4 Updates at 2022-06-29)

    Hey guys, Just posted a comprehensive written and video review for FiiO's M17. Check them out right here.
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    [FiiO FD7/FDX] 12mm dynamic driver with its diaphragm using pure beryllium, with an outer-magnet field, up to 1.5 Tesla magnetic flux.

    Hey folks, I just posted my written and video review for the FD7. Plenty of sound impressions are included, a full set of measurements and a comparison with my daily drivers (FH7). You can find all that goodness right here.
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    Burson Soloist 3X Grand Tourer Head Amp/Pre Amp w/Sub out - 10W XLR

    A beefed-up Über-Super-Charger will be releasing at a later date, specifically made for the Timekeeper 3i and GT
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    Burson Audio FUNK, 3Wpc Headphone Amp and 45Wpc Class-AB Speaker Amp

    Exactly! I'll try it with Susvara after getting it and will report back, should be funky
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    Burson Audio FUNK, 3Wpc Headphone Amp and 45Wpc Class-AB Speaker Amp

    Burson Audio will be unveiling shortly their newest 3-Watts per channel, fully discrete headphone amplifier that doubles as a 45-Watt per channel Class-AB integrated amplifier! How cool is that? It'll cost $599 Some Funky facts first: As you are aware by now, their proprietary Max Current...
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    Review by 'DarKu' on item 'Balanced & Unbalanced Burson Conductor 3XR/3R'

    My Video Review: At the end of 2019 I was given the honors for a world-premiere Burson Conductor 3 Reference review, which changed the way I am looking at ESS Sabre-based DACs/Preamps and headphone amp combos. From linear, lean sounding and straight as a line in terms of frequency response...
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    Denafrips Sub-Brand or Rip-off? The case of Musician Audio's Pegasus R2R DAC

    Dear Cat Music, I never ever published a review for the Ares 2, only for the Ares 1. Otherwise I would have a Youtube video about it, a written article about it, an instagram post and a twitter post about it (which by the way cannot be deleted). You can think anything you want about me, you can...
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    Kennerton ODIN, MAGISTER, VALI, Magni, Gjallarhorn, Rögnir, Thridi, Wodan, Thekk, and Thror Discussion.

    It will happen my friend, in due time :). Between us, in its stock form, I like Magni more...
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    Audiobyte Hydra Stack: Hydra.Vox + Hydra.Hub + Hydra Zap

    Hey guys, just posted both reviews one minute ago, you can check them here. Enjoy!
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    Audiobyte Hydra Stack: Hydra.Vox + Hydra.Hub + Hydra Zap

    My in-depth review of the HydraVox + HydraZap will drop in few days, so stay tuned for that. :beerchug:
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    Reply to review by 'DarKu' on item 'FiiO M15'

    @Arctican Congrats!!! I listened to a SP1000M and was underwhelmed by its performance, no way I would pay 3.2K for that thing. M15 drove even a pair of Audeze LCD-4 from the 3.5mm out so that says a lot about its power output. The only thing I dislike about M15 is that it gets too warm if I...