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    Westone Introduces the ES60 - 6BA Custom In Ear

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    Final JH3A revision Impressions

    Quote: Probably not, the amp side uses a weird 8-pin mini XLR, and on the IEM side there's separate drive to the bass 4 and the mid/high 4. The four pin configuration on the IEM side would have to be replicated to retain full functionality - as far as combining the two circuits with a...
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    Building my first Audiophile system for $300.

    Quote: Originally Posted by rhfactor1 Just have a few more recommendations, you may also look into purchasing a Denon D1001 headphone for usually less that $100 (I don't think you would be disappointed). Also the choice of the AT M50 would probably be very good. As far as headphone amps...
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    Building my first Audiophile system for $300.

    The cheapest improvement (free, in fact) is reripping your music to a lossless (assuming you have the CDs). I tend to use .wav (.flac didn't work in iTunes so I had to convert) though it does consume a good bit of hard drive real estate. Bypassing the sound card entirely would be a good start...