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    Tin t3 Balanced worth it?

    Thanks so much im definitely going to buy a balanced cable for it now!
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    Tin t3 Balanced worth it?

    My audio setup consists of the tin t3 connected to the fiio M11. I was wondering whether spending money to buy a 4.4mmcx cable is worth it or not. Thanks!
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    Under $200 IEM Help

    Just a small introduction to my musiic preferences, I mostly listen to EDM,electronic,House,Progressive etc. I was looking for an iem and have narrowed it down to the Kxxs or the OH10, yet I cannot choose or buy both:frowning2: If you know of any other IEM's as well please let me know My...
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    Sub $200 IEM Help

    surfgeorge Thanks!
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    FiiO FH5 Review

    How is the fit and isolation based on your ear size? Thanks
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    Anyone Recommend The Campfire IO IEM Yet?

    Hi, i was just wondering if anyone has purchased, listened to and recommend the new campfire IO IEM, Thanks :)
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    Any news on the Campfire IO?

    I really want to purchase the Campfire IO and can't find a single review, anyone have any thoughts on it yet?
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    DAP with Spotify

    The Fiio M11 does not seem to be as buggy as the older versions
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    Best Sorta Budget IEM

    Hi, I own a pair of V-Moda Zn's and Bose QC30's but was recently looking for something more audiophile-like. My budget is around $270 and I mainly listen to EDM in Flac or AAC format My source is a Fiio M7 (and M11 soon) and portability as well as noise isolation are important features If...
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    Best DAP under 200: Xduoo X3 II vs Fiio X3 III vs Cowon Plenue D vs Hidizs AP80

    The Hidizs AP80, Shanling M0 as well as the upcoming FiiO M5 (And M6) are all good options to consider
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    Best Budget IEM (Under $300)

    My first IEM's were the v-moda zn and they were decent however this was several years ago and i recently started to look for an upgrade I also have the Bose QC30's but they are hardly in the audiophile territory The Massdrop Noble Luxe seems like a good option but i would prefer to find a more...
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    Best Budget IEM (Under $300)

    I was looking at the FiiO FH5 as well as the FA7 Do you know which ones better Thanks!