Dana Reed
Mar 31, 1973 (Age: 47)
Minneapolis, MN
Music (Fast), Running (Slow)
Headphone Inventory
Grado GS2000e, Grado GH4, Grado GR8e, Grado SR325e, Beyerdynamic T1.2, Beyerdynamic T5p, Beyerdynamic DT770 (80 Ohm),Beyerdynamic Amiron Home, Sennheiser HD600, Audeze LCD2f, Mr. Speakers Aeon Flow Closed, Hifiman HE6-SE, Hifiman HE560, Shure, SE846, Sony MDR1000x
Headphone Amp Inventory
Schiit Jotunheim, Schiit Lyr 2, Schiit Vali 2, Schiit Asgard 2, Schiit Magni 3+, Massdrop THX AAA 789
Source Inventory
Schiit Yggdrasil GS, Schiit Gungnir Multibit, Schiit Bifrost Multibit, Schiit Modi 3, Topping DX7s, Hiby R3 + Chord Mojo for portable
Cable Inventory
Pono Balanced Cables for HD600 and Amiron Home, A bunch of Surfcables for all my non-grado headphones to allow XLR4 connection.
Other Audio Equipment
Schiit Freya S, 2x Schiit Vidar, Magnepan 1.7i, Schiit Mani, Old JVC Turntable.
Music Preferences
Rock, Metal, Guitar (Acoustic, Electric, Classical, Rock, etc.)
Olympus E5 and OMD-E1 with a bunch of SLR and mirrorless lenses, Epiphone Les Paul Clone, Old 10W Crate Amp, MT-2 and MXR M116 distortion pedals