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Dan Millheim
Last Activity:
Mar 5, 2018
Sep 7, 2006
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Trader History (2)
Sr. Director of a national/international non profit.

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100+ Head-Fier

Dan Millheim was last seen:
Mar 5, 2018
  • About

    Sr. Director of a national/international non profit.
    Former 26 year Pro. Jazz Trumpet Player
    I am a committed Christian who loves his wife, kids and great friends. 'Connecting people with God and one another," is my ultimate passion.
    Headphone Inventory:
    Philips X1 with 3.5 to 3.5 CablePro Reverie Hyperlitz cable.
    AKG 3003i IEM
    Ultimate Ear (Tweaked at factory) UE7's

    Ultrasone Edition 9's with Revelation Audio Labs Cable (sold).
    Senn 650 with Moon Audio Black Dragon Cable (sold).
    Headphone Amp Inventory:
    TEAC ha-p50
    Sonicweld Balanced Decoder (sold)
    Headroom-SE (Home) totally Maxed Dac with Stepped Attenuator(sold), RSA Predator (sold)
    RSA SR-71 (sold)
    Source Inventory:
    Macbook Air
    iPhone 6/ 128
    iPad mini

    Dedicated 17" Apple Macbook Pro (sold)
    Mac Mini 2.56 4 g/ Amarra controlled by MB Air/Ipad. (sold)
    Northstar M192 Dac. (sold)
    Modded Red Wine Olive SLA. Music Server CDP. (sold)
    Benchmark Dac 1 (sold)
    Bunch-0- ipods. (sold)
    Audio Horizons TB 5.(On) Buffer with addition custom upgades. EAT Tubes. (sold)
    Cable Inventory:
    (1) Locus Design Nucleus USB Cable. (sold)
    (1) Virtual Dynamics David Digital. (sold)
    (1) Cable Pro- Panorama Pdoc. (sold)
    (1) Cable Pro- Ear Candy Mini. (sold)
    (2) Locus-design.com: Nucleus with Oyaide P/C 079 Gold plated ends. (sold)
    (1) Locus-Design.com:Polestar Green AC cable, Furutech FI-11Mcu and FI-11ag AC ends. (sold)
    (1) Signal Cable: Magic Power Digital Reference. (sold)
    (1) Virtual Dynamics Power 3 (giveaway winner). (sold)
    (2) Signal Cable Silver Reference Interconnects (sold)
    (2) Locus-Design Crynosur's with Bocchino ends (Gone).
    (2) SR Silver Interconnect Cable.(sold)
    Power-Related Components:
    PS Audio Power Plant Premier (Black Pearl) (sold)
    Locus-Design: "One Off" AMD (prototype) Power Conditioner/Filter. (Gone)
    Quantum: Symphony EMF Stabilizer Pro. (sold)
    Accoustic Revive: Ultra Low-frequency Pulse Generator RR-
    77 (sold)
    (1) PS AUDIO: Noise Harvester(sold)
    (3) Cryo-parts.com MMD Parallel Filters on non audio outlets (Gone).
    (4) Replaced Hi-Fi fuses with Furutech Fuses throughout entire system.(sold)
    Other Audio Equipment:
    Audioengine A5/S8 with custom wire made by Locus Design. (sold)
    Whest Dap .10 Dap (sold)
    Decware: Z-Box (Sold)
    Panorama Mini/Mini (Sold)
    Audio-Related Tweaks:
    Still Point ERS paper. Lots...but not Patrick82 amounts. (sold)
    Isolation Rubber/Cork (sold)
    Upgraded Outlet and Plugs (sold)
    Cryo'ed Fuses and ALL cables
    Herbie's Dampers.
    All Cables Cryo'ed by Cryo-Parts.com
    Xtreme Quicksilver-Gold
    Amperex Bugle Boys ecc88. (sold)
    EAT Cool Valve ECC88 (6DJ8, 6922) Ultra Premium Vacuum Tube (sold)
    Music Preferences:
    CCM, Jazz, Female Vocals, Classical.
    Finish Well!


    Home RIG
    PS Audio PPP Power→ Dedicated Mac mini headless w/iPad as a controller→ Amarra→ Sonicweld Decoder (on order) Dac and Balanced
    Headphone/Preamp→Locus Design Nucleus USB,Locus Design Nucleus Power→Whest Dap .10→Audio Horizons TB 5.0(+) Buffer with EAT Cool Valve ECC 88 tubes→...
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