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    Has anyone listened to the new akg k52s yet?

    I bit on one yesterday, thanks to Guitar Center price matching.  With stock pads, bit of a muddy mess.  I quickly swapped the pads for the Generic Velour MDR-V900HD pads that I wasn't using-this after using the Brainwavez angled pads.  It's actually fairly neutral with the velour pads.  Some may...
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    Sony MDR-V6 (and family) Impressions Thread

    Hmmm, I am intrigued in your modding and want to subscribe to your newsletters.  Angling the pads maybe?   Also chiming in as an Owner of:   MDR-7506 MDR-V6 (no longer in possession of however) MDR-ZX700 (I consider them the logical successors to the V6s) MDR-V900HD   That I happen to...
  3. Sony MDR-ZX750BN Wireless Bluetooth Headset - Black

    Sony MDR-ZX750BN Wireless Bluetooth Headset - Black

    Sony MDR-ZX750BN Wireless Bluetooth headset with Digital Noise Cancelling and NFC in Black
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    Reply to review by 'damage' on item 'Sony MDR-1R'

    @jwong77 Consider the MDR-ZX750BN, but replace the earpads with the V6 earpads.  Otherwise, it's a terrible bloody bass mess.  Competent ANC (similar to 10RNC), Bluetooth, and somewhat less refined sound signature, but for what it is and what it comes with, it's not bad at all.
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    New Sony portable headphone - the MDR-ZX750!

    Try replacing the earpads.  As I suspected, the earpads are mainly responsible for the bloated bass response.  I swapped them out for the ZX500 earpads and bass is tamed to the level where I can take off the tape off the vents.  A comparable earpads would be off of the V6s/7506 or similar.   ...
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    New Sony portable headphone - the MDR-ZX750!

      Compared to its direct predecessor the MDR-10RNC, it is much more balanced.  It's still bass heavy no doubt.  I think it's a combination of naturally bass happy driver coupled with supra-aural cups that makes these quite sloppy.  But it's quite warmer and more balanced than MDR-10R, which are...
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    Reply to review by 'damage' on item 'Sony MDR-1R'

    Comfort and looks wise, very much so.  However, as much as I would like to agree with you on the bass and soundstage, I really can't.  They virtually sound alike, and despite very small differences, measurements taken for both are quite similar.     I have spend the last two weeks listening to...
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    Sony MDR-10R Impressions Thread

    It's not bad per-se, but there are several things I can nitpick against MDR-10R:   1. Overall performance.  Very recessed Midrange, vocals and some of the upper-mids sounds very recessed in light of really boosted bass.  In and of itself isn't a killer, but even at current price range of $100...
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    Apple Earpods Review

    Time to add in my two cents...   Actually, I found them very sensitive to sources as well.  I don't have amps so I can't really vouch for how they will react under different amps, but you can verify the sheer difference on sources alone, say a Sony Walkman vs. Sansa Clip vs. iPads.  There...
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    Grado ear pain

    Their design hasn't changed since the beginning of time, or whenever Grado first pushed out their cans to the public.  Hey, it comes with the territory.
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    Headphone/IEM Shootout for the Budget-Minded (College Students and such)

    The thread and the reviews are well broken down in pricing and what not.  So it seems somewhat repetitive having another thread like this.    Again having said that, there are great deals and FOTMs that won't get covered.  But if the gear is worth it's weight then it'll get traction. 
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    Headphone/IEM Shootout for the Budget-Minded (College Students and such)

    There are plenty of threads that's already done covering this and then some.  This would include this particular thread that includes about 214 IEMs of all budgets and flavors.     That said, I'm really digging the hell out of Monster Turbines ($50 refurb).  Too bad the tips included aren't...
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    List 3 of your cans, but which will you never part with!

    Bose Triports. OK, being serious now: MDR-V6 MDR-SA1000 And that's it.
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    Ownership Playoff - Sony CD780 vs. Sony CD580

    Quote: Originally Posted by PTheD Because I already have the XD400 (as well as the three other XD series phones from Sony). I got them three days ago and I needed a new phone, so I got the CD780 & CD580. You, sir, are a sick man. So, which sounds better, the 780 or the 400...