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    Thats quite an imbalance between channels - mine are almost the same (and never much above 9:00) - mine sounds marvelous with either lower (Denon AH-D5000's) or higher (Senn HD 600's) - huge sound stage, stunning clarity, tight bass, and extended sweet top end - what more could you ask for...
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    Better amp for Denon D5000 than Xcan V8?

    I just took delivery of the Darkvoice 3322 and it drives the AH-D5000's beautifully - best I've heard them! I actually prefer them to my other headphones which are Senn HD600's - go figure (this was the opposite of what I was expecting). The interesting thing also is the volume pots stay...
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    All amps sound the same!

    Also, and this is very important, the last time I checked, the earth is still flat!
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    I have found the Mullard M8100 and the WE 403B to be as described above - I use them both (with the Senn HD600 and Denon AH-D5000's). I am truly impressed with this little gem of an amp - the clarity and sound stage are amazing and the treble is extended and sweet (but not overly so) - DV is on...
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    Thanks for the review - I concur! I got mine the other day from Jasmine (who I had purchased my 337 from in early 08) - replaced the tubes with Mullard M8100 and Svetlana 6C19P-V's and it is all the things you point out. I never warmed to the DV337 - it was probably the tube's it used - so I...
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    Darkvoice 3322

    Just received my DV3322 and replaced Chinese tubes with Mullard M8100 and Svetlana 6C19P-V's - and it is a keeper! Having owned the DV337 (and not being one of it's fans) I can say this amp certainly matches it' power and is a damn sight better looking (small footprint). The build quality is...
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    Where is Singlepower? Where is Mikhail?

    That may very well be the biggest wiring mess I have ever seen - is this guy for real? Unbelievable!!!
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    ASL MG Head DT/OTL MKIII Tube Rolling Experience

    Sylvania 5751 Triple Mica Black Plate driver tube is mind blowing if you can still find one - might cost you a body part however! I also use Hammond NOS Black Plate EL84's to good ends for the power tubes. I've tried quite a few and these are where I stopped.
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    REVIEW SUMMARY: A ranking of 32 tube and tube/hybrid headphone amps

    Thank you. Nice to see mine at #11 (and this after some much more expensive amps thru my room). I did have the DV337 for some time and you helped with tube selection but I never warmed to it. The mighty little original ASL is hard to beat for the $$ and it's flexibility is wonderful between OTL...
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    Where is Singlepower? Where is Mikhail?

    My only experience with this guy is I got some quotes last year on a few of his items (Slam, etc.) and each time they were "more" expensive (bordering on the ridiculous). I walked away "fast" - this thread only confirms my suspicions.
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    Rubbish sounding CARY CAD 300 SEI

    I owned a 300SEI some years ago (I own a lot of Cary gear and admire Dennis greatly as a circuit/topology designer). I never "ever" was satisfied with the 300SEI as a head amp (replaced input tubes with several respected NOS varieties and even tried the infamous WE 300B power tubes with other...
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    Best Amp for the Denon D5000?

    The mighty little giant ASL OTL (original version) with NOS Sylvania Triple Mica 5751 Black Plate and NOS Hammond EL 84 Black Plates works very well with the D5000's in TC mode - feedback "on" (and of course OTL with the HD600's - for me - the best of both worlds).
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    Darkvoice 337 - A Review

    I then would sell the DV337 and use the proceeds to purchase a suitable amp for the D5000. You can bet that I sure would like to hear the D5000 driven to their full potential! : ) ...and that amp would be?
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    Stock D2000 v. Stock D5000

    I too, used to own the AH-D2000's and have since replaced them with the AH-D5000's. I agree completely that they are more refined in their sound (the 2000's being a little grainy). Everything is system specific of course but I am glad I purchased the 5000's (they do love tubes). My trusty...
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    Denon AH-D5000 owners

    I use the D2000's with the Darkvoice 337 - works very well. I listen to the music now (woops, not supposed to say that).