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    WTT Sennheiser HD800 for Airpods MAX

    Hi everyone, I'm interested in trading my HD800 with 2 cables - both by Sennhs- balanced 4pin xlr and 6,3 jack for Airpods MAX ( can be be opened no problem) Forgot to add i just changed pads to dekoni velour Pics will follow tonight
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    Hifiman HM 801 Multibit DAP w Balanced amp card and reclock custom made card + amazing vol battery

    Greetings Want to sell my hm801 - one of the old days gem of my collection . Boasts BB pcm 1704 on Board one of the best dac chips ever made, Had been modified professionally for the reduced jitter, noise , and clock, which resulted a much more clear sound, with more details, air . The...
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    WTB: Denon D2000 or D5000

    Hi i have one 4 sale check my listing
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    Shozy BG

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    Victor HA-FW10000: 10th Anniversary model

    Bout the cable, yes, hulk turnednout to be a good match, but. Im still waiting for my toxic to be fixed, silver gold one, this one made miracles on JVC
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    Victor HA-FW10000: 10th Anniversary model

    i've listened to all worth single dynamic earphones, to me 10k is just the perfect way, i guess ,as the jvc is japanese, they never scraap money for a bespoke product,unlike others , that arent japanese, (usewd to live there for 6 mopths and visited for 5) they do miracles on their anniversary...
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    Victor HA-FW10000: 10th Anniversary model

    Got the 10k's, thanx, boys these babies are amazing. The cable tho is a big problem, was thinking about brise audio top, or the crystal cable Dream smth, any advice?
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    For sale: Bel Canto DAC2

    Where from EU?