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    Pair of Speaker cables with FURUTECH spades and banana plugs

    amp end is furutech CF-202R speaker end is furutech CF-201R from partsconnexion construction is bare copper directly connected to the crimp style connectors with no soldering or crimping so connectors which are in like new condition can be removed and used for any other wire. But as is it is...
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    FS: Sennheiser HD650

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    FS: Sennheiser HD650

    as described the headband is mint with so signs of use: ear pads show that they have been well used but no blemishes other than normal use:
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    FS: Sennheiser HD650

    used in great condition. never modded. never had any problems. the paint, the headband pad etc excellent the ear pads well used but dont have problems just flattened a little from normal use like any HD650 will, includes original box price 179 plus shipping.
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    FS: AMB B22 endgame 2 box all out build

    back on sale. dont contact me with offers. trade only with speaker amplifiers like kinki M1 or yamaha A-S2100. I will pay cash on top up to $2k. otherwise wont consider lower offers.
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    WTB: Kinki M1

    looking to buy one in mint condition
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    DIY Cable Gallery!!

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    custom XLR interconnects (mogami wire and gold plated connectors)

    price $49.99 per pair plus shipping in the pictures you see two pairs. the price is for one pair. length: a little longer than 5 feet. wire is Mogami Neglex W2549. solder is cardas. meticulous build. each cable is 5 feet long all 4 are the same length. 2 stereo pairs 2 red and 2 black...