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    my computer screen is killing my eyes!

    try putting a light behind the monitor?
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    I haven't been here in three years...

    almost 5 years? lol not sure when this was or where lol
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    Head-Fiers spend money on good electronics.
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    I can type over 100WPM on qwerty but it requires way too much effort and I don't need to ever type that quickly so I don't bother.
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    Recommendations for good, mature Manga in English? Where to buy it?

    A lot of the stuff (actually everything I've looked at heh) is licensed on onemanga so buy it if you like it.
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    Best Metal Albums of 2009?

    Oh, Sleeper's Son of the Morning is still my favourite of 2009
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    NGD-7 string ibanez with swirly paintjob!

    That's pretty cool looking, love how the pickups match with the red too.
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    New keyboard for new build!

    Deck Keyboards These are the best light-up ones you can get...
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    Any anime series that you've been enjoying?

    they must have made a killing on those headphones
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    Any anime series that you've been enjoying?

    sombody mention Evangelion? Saw this in an ESP catalog today and it made me chuckle
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    Any anime series that you've been enjoying?

    Quote: Originally Posted by MikoLayer I kinda liked it You just gotta accept this wasn't supposed to be a serious show and watch it for giggles. Akane & Mikoto FTW! I am picking up the light novel to see if the original is any different. I guess that's true haha. Finished...
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    Guitar-fi anyone?

    I picked up a Jackson Falcon not too long ago, it's a pretty killer axe but wow, the neck is a lot thinner than on my ESPs. It's the precursor to the Caparison Horus not sure if you are are familiar with that or not. Here's it with my ESP Maverick after I did some pickup swapping. I'm going to...
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    Darkest Desires Part V

    I've been listening to Blood Stain Child's Idolator and it sounds like In Flames mixed with Attack Attack! I love the techno and stuff mixed in with it, sounds great and if you like In Flames you will probably like it as this guy sounds almost exactly like Anders.
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    Formula 1 (Jenson Button) :-)

    no surprise if there are no US drivers they use considering there is practically no open wheel racing in the US but whatever, maybe they can get villeneuve to join them or something at least he's Canadian. Charlotte is sort of the mecca of road racing in the US so I'm fairly confident in their...