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    Which 3 Headphones To Keep? (Decision Made!)

    Quote: Originally Posted by user18 Fitz, which version of the Sextett did you keep? i believe it was the middle production, mentioned somewhere earlier in this thread
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    Where is Singlepower? Where is Mikhail?

    who's better, Xin or Mikhail?
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    Lambda question for the Stax mob

    The SR-Lambda to me is quite bassy and a bit fuller sounding relative to the SR-Lambda Pro. Perhaps tubes may be in your future?
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    SOLD: Stello DA100

    Quote: Originally Posted by riceboy Hi D-cee. It is marked 220-240V, but I can assure you it is 110v. The other owner let me know that it was marked incorrectly. I know, what's the chances, but it is a 110v model ah ok, you can never be too safe with hundreds of volts that...
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    SOLD: Stello DA100

    from the photos it looks like it's a 220-240v model, but you're shipping to US only?
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    Is it just Me?

    try Stax SR-404
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    The Fifth Head-Fi Sydney Meet - Saturday 21st June

    sorry guys :megasadface: there was quite a few headphones i wanted to hear at the meet too
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    Opamp rolling the Apache

    what are the red ones for?
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    Any Halo Headphone(s) in the Pipeline?

    Stax SR-007A perhaps?
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    I made a big mistake...HD595. NEVER try them.

    heh... just wait until you hear stax i'm fairly sure the design of the HD595 and HD555 is the same only difference being their colour and obviously the driver inside
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    The Fifth Head-Fi Sydney Meet - Saturday 21st June

    I'm not going to be able to make it to this meet. There's going to be hell-ish amounts of work to do in that time and I see no way of re-arranging things to make this meet. Sorry covenant, please remove me from the list.
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    Post A Picture Of Your Daily Trip Essentials!

    keys, phone, watch and wallet. that is all.
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    EMU 0404 USB Modding FINISHED!

    Some more here too: E-MU 0404 USB
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    FS: Denon D2000 - sold

    What about for aussies?
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    1,000 bottle caps

    decorate a headphone stand