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Aug 23, 2019
Mar 29, 2013
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100+ Head-Fier

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Aug 23, 2019
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    *Music (... pls)




    Ping Pong

    Performance Cars

    *Delicious Food

    Headphone Inventory:
    (rank of preference, 2016)

    *$1- Stax 009 {End-Gamer, All-Rounder, can be a bit too crispy/sharp sometimes, if being picky}


    2- Audeze LCD3 Fazor with ALO ref.16 cable

    $3- Audeze LCD3 [Sold but the most regretted deceision] Very classic, rich, relaxing, slow & immersive sounding cans] {End-Gamer for Jazz music}

    $4- Sennheiser HD800 #18xxx [Sold, sounded more relaxing and open (better?)] {End-Gamer, All-Rounder}

    5- Sennheiser HD800 #30xxx

    *$6- Koss ESP950 {End-Gamer, non-bassy music} [Sold but regretted, awesome cans]

    [Re-bought, with Vesper pads (leather + alcantara)]


    7- AKG K1000 base heavy #4xxx [Sold]

    8- AKG K1000 #8xxx

    9- Sony Z1R #3XXX (w/ Kimber cable upgrade)

    10- Audeze LCD2 Rev.1 with Rev.2 headband and leather earpads [Sold]

    *$11- Fostex TH900 #3xx

    12- Fostex TH900 #16xx [Sold, sounded a bit sharper and faster than the early batch, but not with better clarity]


    *$13- Sony Z7 #3XXX (w/ Kimber cable upgrade) {End-Gamer, Non-classic music} [Sold]

    14- Beyerdynamic T1 (amplification can be quite of an issue but generally work pretty well with instruments, especially piano & violin) [Sold]

    $15- Grado PS1000 (very dynamic sounding cans, not very balanced but punchy & unique)

    $16- Ultrasone Edition 10 (some superb treble that I have ever heard from any dynamic and planar headphones)


    $17- Sennheiser HD600 (with Cardas blue Smurf dual XLR) {End-Gamer for Classic music} [Sold]

    *$18- Sennheiser HD650 (16th with MA Silver Dragon V3 cable) {End-Gamer, All-Rounder} [Sold]

    19- Audio Technica W3000anv [Sold]


    $20- Sony SA5000 (so much detail that suprised me)

    *$21- Sony SA3000 (95% similarity to SA5000 soundwise to my ears but some annoying squeak hinge noise when moving around)

    22- AKG K701 #9xxx (hard to drive but very balanced sounding once does) [Sold]

    23- Sennheiser HD25 adidas version [Sold]

    $24- Audio-Technica W5000 (premium sounding, but distorted and compressed at the same time for many types of music, excellent for female vocals) [Sold]


    25- Sony 7520

    *$26- Sony CD900ST (great for vocals at its price, could be an End-Gamer for vocals)

    27- Sony CD3000 [Sold]

    28- AKG K701 #86xxx [Sold, disappointed, distorted sound and fatigued to listen]


    29- Koss Porta Pro with mic (Massdrop edition) [Sold, too bassy]

    30- Monster Beats Studio (terrible for the price and noise from the NC unit was louder than noise it could block, gifted to cousin)

    31- Sony XB500 [Sold, too much bass all about bass]


    * - Recommended All-Rounder (performance, price, comfort, versatility, ease to buy etc...) Winner in the corresponding level/range

    $ - a Must/Worthy try


    1- Stax Ω
    2- Sony Q010
    3- Audeze LCD4

    And defs, the Orpheus 1 & 2!



    1- Sony Ex1000 (all time favorite, hard to drive tho)

    $2- Shure SE535 (lost) {End-Gamer, Vocals}

    3- Sennheiser IE8 (bought for cousin)

    $*4- Sennheiser IE80 {End-Gamer, All-Rounder} [Sold]


    $*5- Sony Ex500 *2 (lost and re-bought, best price/(performance + comfy)) (lost again...)

    6- Etymotic ER4s Red/Blue version (great sounding with lots of detail but most terrible wearability you can imagine) [Sold]

    7- Sony wf-1000xm3 Wireless [Best Sounding BT earbuds so far - crispy but clarity doesn't quite match]

    8- Monster Beats Tour [gifted to friend]

    9- AKG tuned Samsung S8 earbuds (Not bad actually) [Broken]

    10- Apple earbuds

    11- Sony Xperia Ear Duo Wireless [Lost] (Terrible wearability)


    1- JH Audio Layla
    2- Shure SE846
    3- Sony EX700
    Headphone Amp Inventory:
    $*1- Woo audio WA22 (upgraded with Tung sol 7236/6080, *Bendix 6080, Tung sol 6F8G VT99 + adapters, Mullard ECC33 black base, *Jan/Tung sol branded green lettering WE 5998/421A, *Sophia Electric 6SN7 Grade A [Sold], UASF 596 + adapter, *Philips Miniwatt rebranded Mullard GZ34 metal base, Western Electric 422A [Sold], *EML 5U4G, Sophia Electric Princess 274b, Mullard GZ32 brown base [Sold], Jan CHS branded Sylvania 6SN7WTB, Philco branded Sylvania 5U4G etc...)

    $*2- Violectric V281 (best solid-state amp I have yet heard. Smooth with great clarity and a hint of warmth + unexceptional build quality as always from Violectric)


    $*3- Woo audio WA6se (upgraded with RCA 6GL7s + adapters, RCA Smoked 6SN7 + adapters, UASF 596, Philips Miniwatt rebranded Mullard GZ34 metal base, EML 5U4G, Sophia Electric Princess 274b, Mullard GZ32 brown base ... ) [Sold]

    4- Luxman P-1u


    $*5- Woo audio WA6 [Sold]

    6- Violectirc V200 (best build quality) [Sold]


    7- Matrix M-Stage [Sold]

    ----------- Electrostatic Amp ------------

    $*1- Blue Hawaii Special Edition by Flux Lab Acoustic (with upgraded Sowter Transformer Attenuators & Elma 24-step Switch + Psvane EL34PH, *Psvane 6CA7 TII & Mullard EL34 black base)


    2- KGST by Headinclouds [Sold]

    3- Stax 727A [Sold]

    [E90 energiser, Koss ESP950]


    1- Eddie Current Balancing Act (Maxxed Out)
    2- Headamp GS-X MK. II
    3- SPL Phonitor X
    4- Audio Technica HA5000 (very maybe)


    1- Stax T2 (maybe)
    Source Inventory:
    *1- Esoteric K-03x


    $*2- Sony Xa9000es [Sold but regretted, sublimely great player]

    *3- Mytek 192 DSD (good for performance over its compact size)


    4- North Star Design Extremo [Sold]

    5- Woo Audio WDS-1 [Sold]


    6- Pure Piper DAC A1 (good at its price) [Sold]

    7- MacBook 12''

    8- ASUS ROG G73 JW

    9- Thinkpad X1 Carbon

    10- Thinkpad X201i


    1- Accuphase DP720

    2- Rockna Audio Wavedream

    3- Schitt YGGDRASIL (black)



    *1- Sony PHA-2 (great with Sony Z7s)

    *2- Sony PHA-1 (astonishingly great with Sony Ex1000s)


    3- Sony D50 (astonishingly great with IE80s/IE8)

    4- Blackberry Priv (Best earphone output yet heard on a mobile phone. Driving power and sound quality are both excellent. Poor versatility tho, aka. no USB audio output function + noisy speaker etc.) [Dead permenantly (fried motherboard) after 4-month light use as a back-up , terrible QC & service]

    *5- iPad Air

    6- Sony ZX1

    7- iPhone 6+

    8- Samsung Galaxy S8 (Hissing in speaker at lower volume, no improvement from S7 edge)

    9- Samsung Galaxy S7 edge [Fast Charging dead (non-repairable by even replacing the whole charging port..) in 6 months. Some typical /terrible Samsung/Android experience. Hissing in speaker at low volume]

    10- iPad 1st Gen.

    11- iPhone 5S

    12- iPhone 5

    13- Google Pixel 2 XL (No headphone jack, poor quality with usb C converter included, but yet the best stereo speakers on any mobile phones)

    14- iPhone 4S

    15- iPhone 4

    16- Sony Xperia TX

    17- Samsung Galaxy S2 [laggy rubbish]

    18- iPod Touch 3rd Gen.

    19- Google Pixel 2 XL (no headphone jack nor built in dac)

    20- Oneplus 7 pro (no headphone jack)

    Cable Inventory:
    ALO Audio Ref.16 XLR cable for Audezes

    Cardas Clear Gold dual XLR cable for HD800s

    Moon Audio Silver Dragon V3 6.35mm for HD6XX [Sold]

    Cardas Original 'Blue Smurf' dual XLR for HD6XX [Sold]

    Koss to Stax 5-pin converting cable by Darin Audio

    Sony/Kimber-Kable Z7 3.5mm

    My Audio Design Diamond Signature Silver Series RCA & XLR 5N pure silver interconnects

    My Audio Design My Ox 75Ω Coaxial cable

    Wireworld Starlight 7 USB cable [Sold]

    Wireworld Silver Starlight USB cable

    Ortofone 6N Copper Nakamichi terminated RCA interconnects

    Ortofone 6N Copper Nakamichi terminated Coaxial cable [Sold]

    Space Saturn Series 4N Copper gold plated RCA interconnects

    Audioquest Red River XLR interconnects

    Some random Hi-Fi 4N Copper power cords

    Prolink USB cable with EMI suppressors

    Ifi Gemini Twin Head USB cable


    1- Wireworld Platinum Starlight USB 6ft/2m

    2- DHC Silver Complelement4 3m XLR for HD800s
    Power-Related Components:
    Ordinary Philips Universal Socket * 3

    Ifi iPower 9V 2A

    Ifi iUSB 2.0 power supplier

    Prostar/Proflex Isolation Transformer 235V -> 110V [Sold]

    Tortech customised Isolation Transformer 235V -> 100V [Sold]


    1- PS Audio P10 230V
    Other Audio Equipment:
    Hi-fi Tuning Supreme Fuse (T) 20mm 3.15A-250V for WA22

    Rubber rim tube dampers

    Ifi iPurifier

    QLS QA01 HIFI USB interface [Sold]

    Takamine Legarcy EF360SC Acoustic Guitar
    Audio-Related Tweaks:
    Foobar 2000 Wasapi 24bit event mode 1000ms buffer Win7/10

    Esoteric HR Audio Player

    $*Vesper Leather + Alcantara Earpads for Koss Esp950 (a must...)

    Nikon D300S with Tamron 18~250mm Lens

    Canon 15*50 IS All Weather Binoculars

    Electric Recliner (a must...)

    *BMW 2014 328i F30 M-Sport

    Samsung Gear S3 Frontier


    Intel Core i7-6700K/4Ghz/8MB/LGA1151


    Corsair Vengeance(r) LPX 64GB (4x16GB) DDR4 DRAM 3200MHz

    Hard Drive 1 (OS)
    Samsung 960 Pro 512GB SSD (Upgraded 2017) - Windows 10 Pro Boot
    Hard Drive 2
    Samsung 2TB 850 PRO 2.5" SSD
    Hard Drive 3
    WD 6TB RE 3.5''SATA/128MB 7200RPM

    Video Card

    Blue Ray Burner
    LG BH16Ns40, Blu-ray Burner 16x Blu-ray DVD

    CoolerMaster Mastercase Pro5

    Thermaltake Ring 14 High Static Pressure

    CPU Cooler
    Corsair H110i GTX Liquid Cooling

    Power Supply
    Corsair HX1200i,1200W 80Pus Platinum ATX

    Asus PG348Q 34" ROG GSYNC Eyecare Gaming Monitor
    STAX SR-009 < Blue Hawaii Special Edition by Flux Lab Acoustic (Psvane 6CA7 TII) < My Audio Design Diamond Signature Silver Series XLR 5N pure silver interconnects < Esoteric K-03x < SACDs/CDs

    Sennheiser HD800 < Cardas Clear Gold dual XLR cable < Woo audio WA22 (Tung sol 7236 + EML 5U4G + Sophia Electric 6SN7 Grade A + Hi-fi Tuning Supreme Fuse) < My Audio Design Diamond Signature Silver Series XLR 5N pure silver interconnects < Esoteric K-03x (< Wireworld Silver Starlight USB cable < fanless-Macbook on Windows)

    Audeze LCD3 Fazor < ALO Audio Ref.16 XLR cable < Violectric V281 < Ifi iPurifier < Prolink USB cable with EMI suppressors < Ifi iUSB 2.0 power supplier < Ifi Gemini Twin Head USB cable < Desktop PC

    Fostex TH900 < Luxman P-1u < My Audio Design Diamond Signature Silver Series RCA 5N pure silver interconnects < Esoteric K-03x

    Sony Z1R < Sony/Kimber-Kable Z7 3.5mm < Sony PHA-2 < Sony ZX1

    Sony Ex1000 < Sony PHA-1 < Phone
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