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    Enter to Win: Moshi Audio Clarus Earphones

    1. Frequency Response 2. Transient Response 3. Soundstage and Imaging
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    Question on finding my PC's digital output

    You also might have a 3.5mm optical out that looks the same as a mini plug. If you could post the complete model number of the motherboard we can all do some googling and find them.
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    Pink Floyd wins suit- EMI wont be able to sell individual tracks

    Hmmm. Let's see. Wasn't there some form of media out there that plays single tracks and helped make Pink Floyd famous? I swear there's a name for it. I know it's not called album.
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    Pink Floyd wins suit- EMI wont be able to sell individual tracks

    Lovely. I can see this being used as legal precedent for other bands to force full album sales. CD sales plummeted when people could only buy the "one-hit" and not have to pay full price for the "wonder". This is a dream come true for the RIAA and could be a very bad thing for consumers.
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    ATH CK-100 First Impressions

    Quote: Originally Posted by james444 De-core some Shure olives. Then cut the stems off some silicon tips and mount the de-cored Shure olives on top of the silicon stems. Slide both onto the nozzle of the phones. Then compress the olives between your fingers and insert your IEMs as far...
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    EXC OP-ED by Al Gore in today's NYT

    Here's the real truth about global temperature change. Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster
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    Prizefight: Beats Solo vs. Bose On-Ear

    More like a pair of dung beetles dukin' it out over the best lump of poo.
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    hexacopter, wow.. ("toy" if you can call it that)

    Quote: Originally Posted by beerguy0 The Hexacopter makes some amazing maneuvers, very UFO like. Put some lights on it, and have some fun at night. Yes it's very UFO like. That's why I made the anal probe joke. Either nobody appreciates the hard work of our little grey friends...
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    DIY mini-to-mini interconnect advice

    Here's a thread with some pics to help you out.
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    High price mini to mini interconnect really worth it?

    Here's a pic of a nice cheap mini to mini I made a couple months ago and links for the parts I used, just as an example of what some of us crazies do around here. Switchcraft Corporation Switchcraft 35HD Series Heavy Duty 3.5mm Mini Plugs 3.5, 2.5mm Mini Connectors at Mine are the...
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    So who would you put on the halftime show? Destroyed my memory of a legend.

    Couldn't they just have a wet T-shirt contest with all the cheerleaders in the league? In 3-D? I wouldn't even need music.
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    Some Scientific Data on Isolation, Power, and Cables

    Is it time to bring this to the attention of the Mythbusters?
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    Some Scientific Data on Isolation, Power, and Cables

    Quote: Originally Posted by edstrelow I don't thinnk the critics of this study have it right at all. I see what appear to be units on th graphs but I can't make them out because they are too small to read. Otherwise it looks interesting. Obviously the debunking crowd have to try to...
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    Some Scientific Data on Isolation, Power, and Cables

    UK defense contractors have sound engineers? I'd love to see them record some explosions in their studio, from a distance.
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    Sennheiser HD800 vs. Beyerdynamic T1: Differences in Transducer Engineering

    I think the HD800 is going to sound better, because the ring transducer is ribbed for our pleasure. No conjecture, no speculation, just good old perversion, of which I am overly qualified.