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    Ultrasone Signature DJ

    V-Moda Verza.  I have been in portable audio nirvana with this combo.
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    Ultrasone Signature DJ

    D600 vs. PRO900 or SigDJ?  Regardless, I would give the edge in comfort to the D600, although the Sig DJ has a more secure fit for portable use.  I found the D600 would slip quite a bit when walking.   My amp is the V-Moda Verza.
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    Ultrasone Signature DJ

    I am familiar with both of those headphones and the answer is a definitive yes across the board regarding the D600.  Bass is closer related to the PRO900 from memory, but I consider their highs harsh and mids recessed by comparision.  The Sig DJ is really in another league, as it should be for...
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    NAD Viso HP50 : Another superb headphone from Paul Barton?

    "Welcome to the grand illusion..."
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    Shure announcing new SRH1540 in Tokyo today! - Head-Fi TV

    They do lack microdetail, but are highly capable with just about everything else.
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    Ultrasone Signature DJ

    After spending months with the Ultrasone Signature DJ, I have come to the conclusion that they are so perfect for me that I almost feel as if they were custom designed, to the point that I can say I have lost interest in hearing other headphones, especially paired with the V-Moda Verza which I...
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    V-MODA M-100: Discussion/Feedback, Reviews, Pics, etc.

    Comparing my M-100s to my Sig DJ, you are paying for a much higher level of resolution, detail retrieval and an overall cleaner, more accurate, transparent sound and bigger soundstage except for the bass which is elevated.  Friends and family members who are not audiophiles and have compared...
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    V-MODA M-100: Discussion/Feedback, Reviews, Pics, etc.

    An interesting first post.  I would love the option of wood shields.
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    V-MODA M-100: Discussion/Feedback, Reviews, Pics, etc.

    I think this may be a result of the thin stock earpads and the XL pads isolate better as I own both.
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    V-MODA VAMP VERZA/METALLO: Discussion/Feedback, Reviews, Pics, Crowdsourcing Ideas

    This is the case I purchased and love it!  It is so easy to remove my phone and place in a rubberized slider case for lighter travel.  The machined aluminum fits perfectly and securely.  For my needs, I definitely prefer this case to the Metallo and it was worth the extra $25 shipping from Japan.
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    The Basshead Club

    Choices are limited for what you seek for $100, but you may want to audition the Monster N-Tune which is in your price range and may meet your needs.
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    Lightning Cables - Official and Custom (welcomed).

    I can't believe there are no right angle connectors available in the US.
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    New Ultrasone Edition 5 hinted in the Fujiya Avice Autumn Festival 2013

    IMO, their Signature line is worth the price.  I own the Sig DJ and it is my end-game headphone.
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    V-MODA M-100: Discussion/Feedback, Reviews, Pics, etc.

    If you are dissatisfied with the bass from your M50 and really want to add some low-end impact to your music while maintaining quality mids and smooth highs, then yes.   Since you are in Minnesota, you can probably demo them at your nearest Brookstone.