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    YULONG Aurora, small but perfectly formed AIO DAC/Pre/HeadAmp

    Hard to say since I haven't heard the DX5. The 1 review I looked at (HFN) didn't mention if it's Class A/D, A-B etc :thinking:
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    YULONG Aurora, small but perfectly formed AIO DAC/Pre/HeadAmp

    I just posted my review of the Yulong Aurora. TLDR: it sounds incredible with almost everything. IEMs, headphones, speakers. But there are a couple of usability shortcomings that prevent it from reaching its full potential.
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    DUNU launches the all-new VULKAN, a six-driver hybrid earphone with a coaxial dual dynamic woofer

    That seems like a nice price point for a 6-driver hybrid. The graph reminds me of the DK-3001 Pro which I hold in high regard but Vulcan looks to have even better sub-bass extension. :)
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    Reply to review by 'crabdog' on item 'Moondrop Moon River 2 Portable USB DAC & AMP'

    I think it's the Cayin one. I've tried a couple of cables with the Moonriver 2 though and didn't have any problems.
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    FEARLESS Audio IEM's Discussion/Impressions

    Well, it ended up being later than sooner but here's my Shangri-la review!
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    EarMen Colibri

    I recently published my Colibri review for those looking for more information/impressions. Another awesome release from Earmen!
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    EarSonics Onyx

    Yeah, I guess some people might be reluctant to order direct from the EU. For anyone on the fence though...It's worth it!
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    FEARLESS Audio IEM's Discussion/Impressions

    I just posted my Provence review for those interested (Shangri-la to follow soon). Gorgeous build, great noise isolation and a warm, balanced sig:
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    EarSonics Onyx

    Let's add one more to the myriad; it should be clear by now that ONYX is pretty good.
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    TRN impressions thread

    0.78. I believe they're calling these Type B (hopefully someone can confirm).
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    Shanling UP4 & UP2 - Bluetooth 5.0 DAC/AMP with ES9218P, balanced output, supporting LDAC, HWA LHDC, aptX HD, aptX Low Latency, aptX and AAC.

    I'd say that unless you really want the 4.4mm output, go for the UP4. Mine has been a rock-solid portable companion for a very long time. Nowadays, I use the UP5 but only because I am fortunate enough to have it. Unless you need the 4.4mm there's little reason to pay the extra price over the UP4.
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    iFi’s ZEN Air Series – great sound for under £100

    That is some aggressive pricing! That's a win for enthusiasts everywhere.
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    Acoustic Research M20 Coming soon

    Not often but every time I do, I mourn the loss of a brand with huge potential. Despite being limited to the 3.5mm single-ended output, it sounds wonderful and that big screen is to die for...