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    Pioneer SE-CH9T - Premium In-Ear Headphones

    Why are you running these tests at those levels? The distortion information based off a 118 db fundimental is irrelevant as that's not a level anyone who likes their hearing would ever listen at. Surely that information is going to look much different at 90 or 100db. Those levels are probably...
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    Pioneer SE-CH9T - Premium In-Ear Headphones

    So my RHA MA750 finally went south after many years of use. Not hard use, as I am pretty anal retentive or a ton of hours but way past anything that fall under the warranty. The left side output just dropped by a few db. I very carefully cleaned the screen with IPA, there was no build...
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    Best IEMs to be used mainly with ipod and phone

    Hi Guys/Gals!   Need a recommendation of what would be the best/very good choice of IEM to be used if source is going to be primarily ipod and phone. I am only interested in IEMs that are over the ear fit. I have strongly considered the AKG N40 as I really like dynamic drivers sound and the...
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    WTS: AudioEngine 2 Speakers

    Do you still have these for sale?
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