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    beyerdynamic introduces DTX 300 p foldable headphone

    build quality looks pretty fragile. but if it can isolate noise, that is a plus.
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    Do you guys actually carry around portable amps?

    i usually just stuff my source (ipod) and amp in my backpack and wear my headphones to keep from carrying them around. it may look weird but in the words of bilavideo "i don't care what i look like, just what my gear sounds like." and that's my whole philosophy. 
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    poll: if "skullcandy," and "wesc" were the last headphone brands on earth, which would you choose and why?

    both seem to aim towards the same crowd, and share many similarities. also, you have to choose one of those two brands. you can't say "i choose none because my grados sound better than both." have fun.    sample of "skullcandy" headphones.       sample of "wesc" headphones.
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    Headphones you will not give up

    none of my headphones, because they're all upgradeable. 
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    New pair of ATH M50s. Am I hearing compression artifacts or have I damaged them?

    what kind of music are you listening to with them? if it's, say, music from the 70's; crackling is pretty common.
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    Skeptical about "The best headphones EVAR for $10"

    they are available for $40 on amazon...
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    PS3 for $40?

    Quote: doubt it.     Quote: actually, it was target that screwed up.  
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    Wishing Steve the Best

    i wish him the best. very good man.
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    I can hear my mouse move through my speakers!

    that's cool! how did you do that!? Quote:
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    Fake FiiO Warning

    stoked about the e5 v2!
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    grado repairs

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    Can't find a replacement adapter for the Sennheiser HD555's. Help!

      there is one on best buy. a monster one, and a generic one:  ...
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    Sennheiser Introduces new series of headphones

    the hd 558 and 598. both beautiful.