Music, headphones, iems, home audio
Headphone Inventory
Current:Takstar Pro 82, Hifiman/Massdrop HE4XX
Previously owned: Shure E5c, Grado SR 125, Koss PortaPro
Headphone Amp Inventory
Current: Shellbrook Labs Maxi Head Signature (factory modded for AC-only operation), with upgraded outboard Elpac power-supply, Fiio Q1MK2
Previously owned: PA2V2 (2), Shellbrook Labs Mini Head and Mini Head Signature.
Source Inventory
DVD/CD drive from my Windows 7 comp ( built in Realtek audio), playing CD's or FLAC files via USB through a Fiio Q1MK2 portable DAC/AMP.
Power-Related Components
Tice Micro Block powerline conditioner, Monster powerstrip (unsure of model, used as protection for my computer gear)
Other Audio Equipment
Previously owned:
Rotel RCD 1070 CD Player
Classe Audio Five Preamp
Simaudio Celeste 4150SE Poweramp
Totem Acoustics Model 1 monitor loudspeakers

Cables: MIT Terminator Proline balanced interconnects, MIT Terminator 2 speaker cables (10-ft)

Speaker Stands: 24" Focus Audio (like Target R-series, but way-cheaper), 45-lbs, with lead-shot/sand-fillable posts
Music Preferences
Mostly classic rock, some older rap/hip-hop, blues, jazz
My name will tell-you.


Headphones: Grado SR225, Takstar Pro 82, BLON 2, Massdrop/Hifiman HE4XX.
IEMS: Moondrop Kanas Pro, KZ ZS10 PRO, KZ DQ6, KZ ZAX, CCA C10 PRO, KBEAR KS1, TFZ NO.3, Nicehck NX7, Moondrop KXXS ( gifted away), Fearless Audio Lancelot (traded away) Urbanfun ISS014 ( noble non-berrylium version), BLON BL03 and BL01, Fearless S8Pro.
Sources: Fiio Q1MK2, Radsone Earsonics ES100.
Desktop speakers: Fluance Ai40 powered Bluetooth desktop speakers.
Iem cables: too many to list. I own many because I always use the balanced output of my sources, so every time I get a new iem, I gotta buy a 2.5 mm upgrade cable to hook them up. I've got several from Nicehck, Tripowin, KBEAR and XINHS. Don't use supplied 3.5 mm cables at all.