Cult of the Death Trolls
Books, movies, cars, computers, science, history, politics, running for Congress.

I like to socialize and enjoy the simple pleasures in life.
Headphone Inventory
Denon D2000
Senn HD595 120-ohm
Koss UR40
IEMs: Shure E2/E3/E4, UE Triple-Fi

I've heard almost all the headphones, so message me if you have any questions!
Headphone Amp Inventory
Lots of DIY and commercial amps.
Source Inventory
The "Cheap and Easy" DIY DAC
Cable Inventory
DIY Interconnects
Other Audio Equipment
DIY Speakers of my own design:
Scanspeak Revelator 15W + Peerless HDS Tweeter
Dayton RS180 + RS28A Tweeter
Lots of fullrange speakers
Music Preferences
All kinds! Let's share some music!
Student, helping people DIY


Headphones: Denon AH-D2000, Senn HD595

DAC: Zhaolu 2.5 Zapfilter Mk2 balanced, amb Gamma1 γ1

Amps: SE EL84, Balanced β22, Dynahi, Mini^3, CK²III, Singlepower MPX3HOTRODDING the X-Fi: A Layman's Guide to sonic bliss