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    Nsuttitinagul sold me a pair of w1000's. They were in near-perfect condition, as pictured in his post. He shipped the headphones as requested, thus allowing me to avoid dealing with that branch-office of hades commonly known as UPS. I would definitely deal with him again if given the chance.
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    iTunes Lossless test

    Quote: I would say that Apple's new AL format is a winner as far as quality goes. I would have preferred a format that I can use in other applications, like FLAC, but as far as quality of sound is concerned... Well, if it's lossless then it's a no brainer. It's precisely the same...
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    D-211 help requested

    Quote: At minimum volume I can only just hear the thing... If you're using E3's, then your D-211 and mine are somehow very different. It's painfully loud for me. (as in rip the buds from my ears it hurts so much loud) However, when I was adjusting the pots I poked at the volume...
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    Vintage pcdps rock (a little take on the Sony D211)

    Quote: I haven't quite figured what the DDS is for but in some songs it adds some echo. DDS stands for "Digital Dynamic Sound". It makes the quieter parts of the track louder which, in a sense, means compressing the dynamic range of the music. It was made for use in noisy...
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    Using Norton's Utilities on an Ipod? Well, I did it...

    Quote: Count yourself fortunate (if not lucky) that the iPod seems to be working OK. My suggestion is to develope a backup plan now for your music, and perhaps the rest of your docs. Actually, if your iPod was formated for use on a PC then it uses FAT32, the same as on many microsoft...
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    Hello and a Question about the Shure E3

    Quote: Is is possible for some one to put into words what I will experience the first time I put the phones on (which as I read, might be an adventure onto itself)? Well... The first thing you'll do is soil your pants over how badly you got ripped off for such a crappy sounding set of...
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    D-211 help requested

    There's a good question to ask... Are you using the rechargeable battery pack that came with the D-211? If so, try using normal batteries or the wall adaptor. (The rechargeable battery probable ceased to hold a charge years ago) Opening up the player isn't really that big of a deal. You just...
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    D-211 help requested

    Well, it may or may not be the pots that are giving you grief, but it's worth a shot. Check out this link to find out how to adjust pots. In the D-211 the pots will be labelled RV501 through RV505. Good luck!
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    D-211 help requested

    Try hitting the track advance button while it's spinning up so it starts playing at a later track. If it manages to play then, but still has problems on earlier tracks then you probably have a tracking problem. You'll probably have to crack the sucker open and adjust the pots.
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    Hard-drive player life expectancy expectation

    If it's using a Lithium Ion battery that'll probably be the first thing to go. You'll be getting half-hour max charges long before the HD goes. Of course, you can replace the battery... (and the HD too!)
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    Duty on shipping to canada?

    If the iRiver player was made outside the U.S. then you may wind up paying some duties on it, depending on how the shipper reports it to customs. However, I can tell you this much: Do *NOT* ship *anything* from the U.S. to canada by UPS. You'll wind up paying a brokerage fee that dwarfs any...
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    Word of caution to E3 owners, buyers...

    Quote: Hmm...I feel giving relative volumes like this for the iPod isn't exactly the best way to gauge volume levels. You need to take into account different volume levels of songs and mp3s. For example, when I listen to my A900 out of my iPod (not quite as efficient as the E3, 40 ohms I...
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    Word of caution to E3 owners, buyers...

    Quote: OMG, near full volume on the iPod?! That's just a crazy volume level to listen to even for a very short period with something as efficient as the E3c. I use the E3c at 14/25 on my Zen Xtra at normal listening levels, which I think is just below middle level on an iPod I use...
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    Any fellow Canuck's order headphones, etc from the States?

    What you are describing has always seemed like a shady practice to me, but I've never argued with a vendor that wants to under-report the value on a custom's slip! Some vendors will even ship items to you as "gifts", which lets you dodge the duties entirely. I'm not going to name any vendors...
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    SACD vs. DVD-A

    Quote: That document is a marketing publication and the process is oversimplified you cannot convert directly between PCM and DSD by justing using an interpolator, you need an Integrator to convert to PCM and a differentiator to convert to SDM. Yes, I chose it for the pretty pictures...