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    recommend me some good speaker cables

    Quote:   How do you know they are the best cables ever? Shouldn't something more expensive be better?     Pray tell, how do you know your system is "so good" that it will "display all the characteristics and details of any different hi-end cables?"  That sounds like wishful thinking...
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    Any affordable, musical USB cables out there?

    Quote:   $1200?  Did you seriously spend $1200 on a USB cable?  Wow.
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    High end DACs are appearing in big numbers

    Quote: Haha! Crom laughs at your four winds. He laughs from his mountain.
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    New speakers.. And a big question... A New CD player?

    Spend your money on acoustic room treatment.  And move your speakers out of the corner.
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    Do 'High-End' Audio cables matter?

    Quote:   Give it a rest.  This is the Science Forum--your god, your blessings and your white knighting have no place here.  
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    NEW information on JH-3a

    Quote: Wow, that must be so rough.  I can't imagine how difficult it is to be forced to click and not only view this thread but to then be compelled to read every single post.  My heart goes out to you.  
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    NEW information on JH-3a

    Quote: I envy your casually cool check marks and lower case g's, thread.  
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    Shure SRH 940 impression and support thread

    Quote:   Finally, someone who knows what they are talking about!  I totally agree, n = 1 > Physics    
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    why bother with all this $$$ equipment?

      Quote: Yes, I know I am a few months late to the party but I could not pass up the opportunity to respond to your comment:  
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    Chesky Records makes a high-rez album for Head-Fi'ers--in binaural!

    Even with the discount code, rendering this download a paltry $12, I still found it to be largely a waste of money.  Sure, it sounds great, but the content itself is woefully underwhelming and sparse.    The next time I want to hear the sound of wind chimes surround my head for 4 minutes, I...
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    Best Headphone + Amp Combo for $600 or Less?

    In an attempt to avoid piecemeal upgrading and wasting $600 on a mediocre rig that would only leave me hungry for something greater, I have decided to increase my budget to $2000.   As of now, I am leaning towards the JH-13pro or JH-3A.  I have demoed the JH-13pro and was entirely satisfied...
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    Best Headphone + Amp Combo for $600 or Less?

    Yes, I know this is technically not the appropriate sub-forum for which to ask this question but I do so anyway with intention.  I am hoping to avoid recommendations concerning and/or built upon voodoo and snake oil.   So, with that said, can anyone recommend me a good headphone and...
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