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  1. Digigram VX222e PCI-e soundcard

    Selling my Digigram VX222e broadcast level PCIe soundcard due to equipment upgrade. Comes with both analog & digital breakout cables. Stereo Linear PCM card PCI Express bus interface Two balanced analog inputs...
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    Best game soundtrack?

    Although I could list many games and soundtracks here, this is the one that comes to my mind first: It's from a detective game called Paradise Killer. The game itself is a first person detective / mystery game. If you are into the genre, I'll highly recommend it.
  3. Raal HSA-1b headphone amplifier

    I want to buy a Raal HSA-1b headphone amplifier. I live in Finland, Europe. Looking for a 230V unit. If you got one for sale, hit me up with a PM.