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    Audeze Penrose X and Penrose

    Got my Penrose X about a week ago and have held off on posting anything until I had about 20+ hours of listening on them. No real issues with connectivity other than their range is slightly smaller than my previous headset that has a direct connection to the Xbox but has been bulletproof...
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    Interesting Headphones for a Flat-Earth PRAT

    Naim Audio. British HiFi gear. Of all the things it's known for, sound stage is at the bottom of the list for sure.
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    Interesting Headphones for a Flat-Earth PRAT

    I bought the ATH-W1000s. They just didn't image well with my gear which consisted or all Naim Series 5 components. To be honest, I have never really found closed type phones to my liking at all.
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    Battery-fi (rechargeable & non-rechargeable)

    Anyonle looking to buy Eneloops should check out their local Costco. They have a pretty nice bundle with a charger 4xAAA and 8xAA
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    AUSTIN Meet - April 16, 2011 (3-6PM at Whetstone Audio)

    I'm in Houston, but I may be able to make it up there. I'll bring my ATH-W1000s if I haven't sold them by then. On a side note, are there every any meetups in the Houston area? I know the HiFi situation down here sucks.
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    Where do you guys get your FLAC music from?

    Who knew that re**it and w** go together hand in hand?
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    Naim UnitiQute headphone output?

    I should have a UnitiQute by the end of the month that I can compare to a Nait5>Headline2>NAPSC setup. I'm consolidating my kit and moving all digital.
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