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    TASCAM UH-7000

    Use speakers, all recordings except binaural are meant for speakers, you'll never get correct sound stage using headphones for example. The Tascam is the most accurate DAC I've came across. Most high-end DAC is the opposite of accurate, they try to make things sound better than they are, I had a...
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    TASCAM UH-7000

    Nope, I'm only using it as a DAC. It's perfect.
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    All things Metrum Acoustics

    AES/Dante/wireless IP audio is the way to go...
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    emotivas new stealth 8 powered monitors any impressions?

    If a premium fuses has effect on sound quality then that equipment was beyond poorly designed. I have tried one before, and it made no difference what so ever.
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    Inexpensive Replacement cable for new HiFiMan HE-400i?

    Custom Mogami cable is cheap and is top tier when it comes to accuracy.
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    Subjective Tests Indicate High-Resolution Audio Offers No Benefits

    Yup, and every once in a while I came across a CD release that is just complexly ****ed up. These people need to pay the mastering guys to check their work out...
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    Confused about all the subjectivity involved in audio

    Of course it's subjective. A lot of high end audiophile hardware are in fact DSP like in that they alter the sound trying to make it sound "better"   Also, the more accurate the sound reproduction, the easier it is to identify bad recording/mix and or room interaction, and guess who the...
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    Subjective Tests Indicate High-Resolution Audio Offers No Benefits

    So there will be no resampling between CD and Video releases. Resampling is audible and best avoided. (Unless they record to both formats but I doubt many do it). Plus, you now only have 1 clock instead of 2 clocks, or try to do a compromised common clock...   Every time a video release sounds...
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    Subjective Tests Indicate High-Resolution Audio Offers No Benefits

    Making a lot more money than otherwise. :)
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    Looking for a new DAC.

    Also note, most delta-sigma DAC are in fact multibit. Burr-Brown calls it "advanced segment", 6 bits R2R I believe.
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    Looking for a new DAC.

    You should compare the two. I had a multibit r2r DAC from Metrum, and I'm using a the TASCAM UH-7000 (same family as TEAC) that is less than 1/10th the price now.   The real magic is NOS btw.
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    Looking for a new DAC.

    TEAC UD-503?
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    ALAC vs. FLAC

    Jitter differences. Some very expensive "audiophile" DAC can't handle them, while any cheap mass market DAC will.
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    Article: "Why USB Cables Can Make a Difference"

    If USB cable makes a difference, you need a better, properly implemented DAC by people who actually knows what they are doing. Chances are, it'll be a cheaper, mass market DAC.