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    1964 Ears

    Creamsoda - Thanks for sharing that!!  Very helpful :)
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    1964 Ears

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    1964 Ears

    PLEASE do a quad vs. V6s comparison when you get yours.   I've had quads for about 3 years or so.   Fit's not as tight as it used to be and am considering V6s.   I LOVE the Quad bass and am wondering how V6s compares..... THANKS!
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    PRICE DROP! JHaudio JH16Pro Like new w/ super nice TWspc cable by "QUSP"

    Picked up in early May from JHaudio these IEMs have probably been used around 5-10 hours max.   I changed the cable to a beautiful 48" TWspc cable made by respected Head-fi builder "QUSP" immediately.   The original cheap cable broke so won't be included.  Condition is perfect working order for...
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    Leckerton UHA-4 or Minibox ES for ER4S

    I'd hunt down the Minibox E+   I had one for my my ER4S.   The bass boost was EXACTLY what I felt they needed....
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    How Many of You Guys Have More Than One Custom or Reshell and What Are They?

    Own 1964-q and love them dearly. Cleaned out my desk drawers, raised a few $s and now am awaiting a pair of jh16pros :)
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    Please help, I'd like to buy the best in ear headphones possible. (Ultimate Ears Pro 18?)

    Best is an entirely subjective thing, so you won't get an answer. But, I've never heard anyone say UE18 is the best....
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    Custom IEMs (1964 ears) for travel?

    Why would you have one in and one out? Totally defeats the purpose. The rare occasion I've taken one out before pausing was really weird and would not be enjoyable for listening. Also, 1964 ears specifically says in the instructions they do not recommend letting them's a good way to...
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    Is the AlgoRythm Solo enough for LCD-2s?

    Algorhythm solo has no amp. It's simply a portable DAC for iDevices
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    1964 Ears

    After 6 months I'm loving my quads more than ever. I havent touched my old hd600, my etys, my MTPC, etc at all. So I sold them all (amongst old amps, etc) and am going to by a 2nd set of contrasting customs. If 1964 ears had their new line out I'd buy another pair from them, but I'm too...
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    LAST CHANCE PRICE DROP Miles Davis Complete Live at the Plugged Nickel 1965 - always $200-300+ eBay/amazon

    Was going to list this on Ebay but would rather it go to a member here even if I get a few bucks less...  If I don't get a bite in a few days here I'll list it.   Currently Amazon has used copes from $265-700.  New up to $1700!!!   Ebay auctions always close over $200. (check completed...
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    Headroom Cosmic "portable" Amp + accessories....

    Cleaning out the closet!   Here's a blast from the past.   The best portable amp on the market 10 years ago!   It only takes an external battery pack with 4 D cells! :) Ran $799 (I think).   I know it's beyond obsolete, and I'm not going to carry it around with an ER4S like a decade ago...
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    Whiplash Audio TWag v2 mini to mini with oyaide plugs PRICE DROP!

    Cleaning out the desk drawer...   2" Whiplash Audio Twag v2 mini to mini cable. It uses the high quality Oyaide plugs which cost $30 extra from Whiplash. It was a special order which totaled $140 new   Condition:  Perfect functionally, outstanding cosmetically.    Price is...
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    Monster Turbine Pro Copper (MTPC) w/receipt $150 Shipped!

    Cleaning out the closet!! (Or desk drawer....)   A few months old (maybe 6 or so)...I got these directly from Amazon (not one of those "Amazon Sellers") and will provide, if requested, the receipt to prove authenticity.   Condition:  Outstanding.  Only used for a few weeks because I got...
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    Delete please

    Wrong forum...sorry