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    FiiO E6 - story of the tiny amp continues... (w/ review on 1st page)

    I just got mine today. It came as an extra with my Westone 2's. IMO, with 320 bitrate mp3's and an iphone 4 i think it sounds better without the amp. Even the flat EQ makes the SQ drop immensely. 
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    W2 vs. PFE

    The W2's dont need any amping when paired with an ipod or iphone. I heard that the PFE's need amping to sound their best. That is what caused me to get the W2's over the PFE's. If you dont mind carrying around a brick attached to your phone when you are on the go, the PFE's should be fine.  ...
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    Just got Westone 2's. Portable amp?

    Ive always read that the RE262's sound better with an amp, so i was just wondering if this would be the same for the W2's. But if they are fantastic just connected to the headphone jack on the iphone, then that is fine with me! Less money to spend!
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    Just got Westone 2's. Portable amp?

    Hey guys! First off, i want to thank you all. This forum has so much information. All of the guides and helpful members here really make it easier for a noob like me to pick the right IEM for our listening needs.   Now. I just purchased the Westone 2's. From what i have read, they are a...
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    Im seeing mixed reviews on this IEM. Im finally coming here to post a question, which i should have done in the first place.   I lost my SE115's and would like to purchase something a little bit better. I have been looking around, and i have been drawn to the westone 2's. I found them for...