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    [Review] Brainwavz HM5, A New Neutral Champ

    Received the HM5s recently and am so far impressed. I bought them for an office headphone (where isolation is key) to replace Ultrasone HFi 580s, which I find just way too harsh to listen to for more than 15 minutes. First impression was that the sound was not nearly as aggressive or exciting as...
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    ATH-W1000X Thread!

    The W1000x has a big mid-bass hump but then there is a large roll-off, so there isn't much presence in the very lowest regions.
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    ATH-W1000X Thread!

    Find the innderfidelity review of the W1000x, he does a bit of headband bending in the video. The headband is not nearly as flimsy as it looks and can be bent quite significantly, although you will never get a "tight" fit with these headphones, they are very much for listening while sitting still.
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    Recommended Electronic Music Headphones?

    High end: Audio-Technica AD2000 (note not bassy, but extremely fast and the "right" tonality for electronic) More bassy: Ultrasone pro 900 Under $200: Ultrasone HFi 580/DJ1 Budget: Sony XB 500   Generally Ultrasones, Denons and the bassier Beyers are the recommended brands for electronic.
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    $1000 dollar budget

    Quote: Hmmm I wouldn't call the W1000X bass light. The W1000 (no X) and W5000 match that description, but the W1000X has plenty of bass. Compared to the Ultrasone HFi 580 (a very bass heavy can), the W1000X sub-bass rolls off a bit earlier but mid-bass punch is possibly even greater. Each...
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    Question about burning in my Ultrasone's HFI-580

    Yea I find the highs a bit harsh and mids a bit recessed. I use the "treble reducer" eq on my ipod and it helps no end.
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    Ultrasone DJ 1 Pro vs ATH-M50 Review

    Quote:   The DJ1s are the same as HFi 580s. The DJ1 pros are closer to the Hfi 680s, iirc. The DJ1/580 are much more upfront, bassier headphones. They still have a big soundstage, but have a much more aggressive sound signature which gives them a more up-front sound.    
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    Need help! I have been through 6 different headphones in the past couple weeks and need new suggestions!

    Shure SRH940s are supposedly detail monsters, do some research into them. As for Grados, try before you buy as the Grado sound signature is quite bright, and if you have had previous problems with harsh highs then they might not be for you.
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    Suggestions & Help Please - ATH W5000 / ATH AD2000 / Senn HD800 / Grado PS1000

    See this thread for a comprehensive review of several high-end headphones, including LCD-2, AD2000 and HD800:   For electronic (particularly faster genres) the AD2000 gets a lot of praise.
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    ATH-W1000X Thread!

    Can you do a review on if/how they change comfort and sound when you get them? Been trying to weigh up whether the L3000 pads are worth it for a while myself.
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    Suggestions & Help Please - ATH W5000 / ATH AD2000 / Senn HD800 / Grado PS1000

    Out of the ones you are asking for opinions on, the best for electronic (due to speed) are the HD800 and AD2000, and out of those two, for your requirements I'd go with AD2000. Easy to drive and less picky about amplification than HD800. The bass on both these can be described as "fast and...
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    Kicker hp541

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    $400 Budget: Headphones for Metal Music

    The current MS-2 selling on the Alessandro website is the "i" model. It's just not called the MS2i by Alessandro. The MS-2i is more neutral sounding than the SR325i (which is renouned for being a bit harsh). But yea, for metal, Grado/Alessandro are the traditional choice due to their speed and...
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    ATH-W1000X Thread!

    Quote: I had the same thoughts when buying mine, now I'm trying to weigh up whether it's worth spending an extra $100 to get L3000 pads!   For an open alternative, I also considered the AD2000 for a while, but I decided to wait and see if A-T releases a replacement flagship open can...