claud W
71 year old lawyer/judge
Raleigh, NC
fishing, automobiles, Member of the Carolina Audio Society, BMWCCA
fishing, home repairs, walking on the beach, craft beer
Headphone Inventory
Sennheiser HD 800S w/ Norne S3 eight wire balanced cord
Sennheiser HD 800 w/ Norne Draug 3 balanced cord
Sennheiser HD600 w/Norne Draug 3 balanced cord
Sennheiser HD 650 w/Norne Silvergarde S 3-C balanced cord
ZMF Ziricote Virite w/ Norne Einvaldi cable balanced cord
ZMF Eikon Burl Ltd. w/Norne Silvergarde S3 eight wire balanced cord
Sennheiser HD 25 Aluminium 25th Anniversary

Massdrop Fostex TH-X00 with hardwired WyWires Red cable
Campfire Vega IEMs w/ Campfire Super Litz Balanced (4.4) cable
Campfire Comet w/ Campfire Litz cable
Campfire Atlas w/PlusSound Tri-Metal Balanced 4.4 cable
Campfire Andromeda w/Norne Silvergarde 4.4 cable
Campfire Solaris SE / Norne cable
Headphone Amp Inventory
DNA Stratus and lots of NOS tubes
Schit Raganok
Vali 2 with lots of Russian and NOS tubes
JDS Labs C5
RSA Shadow
Cavalli Liquid Carbon 2.0
SPL Phonitor E
Source Inventory
PS Audio Perfect Wave CD transport
Schiit Yggdrasil w/ all updates
Matrix X-Sabre Pro MQA
Schiit Modi Multibit
Apple Mac Mini
Ipod Classic and Nano
Sony A17 DAP
Sony NW-ZX 300 DAP
iBasso DX 220 DAP w/ AMP 8 and 9
Cable Inventory
TG Audio 688 and SLVR power cords and three Hi Purity ICs
WyWires Platinum balanced interconnects and Platinum balanced and Red single ended headphone cables
Toxic Silver Poison SE for HD 600 & 650
Norne Silvergarde S3 for HD 600 & 650
Wywires digital Platinum coax
Wywires Silver ICs
Wywires Platinum USB cable
Campfire Litz and balanced Super Litz cables
PlusSound Tri-Metal IEM 4.4 Balanced cable
Norne Silvergarde IEM cables
Power-Related Components
Richard Gray 400 Pro
Furman strip power conditioner
Running Springs Haley
iFi AC Purifier
Other Audio Equipment
CaryV12R & SLP 98 pre ,Merlin TSMM & Rega tube stereo system

Beach house Tidal computer system : iFi Zen DAC & Oppo PM-3 w/ Norne Silvergarde 4.4 balanced cable
Audio-Related Tweaks
TG audio speaker, power and interconnect cables, Wywires digital, IC , headphone and power cables
Running Springs Haley
Music Preferences
not much Classical, but most everything else
BMW 2020 X3 Msport and 19 X5 cars---1997 Mako 171 w/115 Yamaha 2 stroke
unemployment benefits judge


(1) PS Audio Perfect Wave CD transport >Wywires Platinum coax> Schiit Yggdrasil DAC> WyWires Platinum balanced and single ended ICs >Schiit Ragnarok amp or DNA Stratus >ZMF Verite and Eikon and Senn HD 800 and HD800S. Norne and WyWires headphone cables. (2) Mac Mini >Matrix X-Sabre Pro MQA> SPL Phonitor E >, Senn HD650 W/Norne Silvergard, Senn HD600 Norne Draugr 3, Senn HD660S,Massdrop/Fostex TH-X00 WyWires Red cable,(3) Campfire Atlas, Andromeda, Vega and Comet IEMs & iBasso DX220, Sony 300ZX and HiBy R3., ALO, Norne & PlusSound IEM cables.