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    Lawton Audio MD5000

    In US dollars
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    Lawton Audio MD5000

    Nice pair of md5000's that need a good home. Light use and no major scratches or chips of any sort. They work and sound fantastic! Only thing is, the previous owner did not supply me with the little 1/8 to 1/4 adaptor, so there is only a 1/8" end unless you have an adapter of your own(they are...
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    Frankenbeyers deep cup 600ohm(redwood) NOW $600

    nice christmas gift for yourselves here ;)
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    Meier Opera without DAC

    Just got this amp, and still think it's one of the best single ended amps I've ever heard. Great bass, instrument separation and warmth. I'm selling all my gear at the moment though due to financial reasons. My loss is your gain. This amp has been babied by myself and the previous owner, it's in...
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    FrankenDarths 600ohm(Redwood) & AKG K701

    Selling all my headphone equipment, and selling for very good prices in hopes that they move quickly. Please note that the headphones are very clean and come from a smoke free, pet-free and child free environment.   FrankenDarths: They are one of Larry's great builds, coming in a 600ohm...
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    Frankenbeyers deep cup 600ohm(redwood) NOW $600

    buyer bailed out, here's your chance at a great set of beyers...
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    Frankenbeyers deep cup 600ohm(redwood) NOW $600

    pm me your offer and description of your beyers so we can talk...
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    FOUND: Headphile Terminator ((( V4 ))) (AKA Darth Beyer V4)

    you should consider buying my vdx4's. You get the deep cup and the 600ohm drivers, they're a wicked phone. Think about it anyways.