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    Audeze LCD-3 Impressions Thread

    Quote: When I had the V200 (with a V800 for a source) I liked the LCD-2 rev 2 better than the LCD-3's. I was kind of disappointed I sold the LCD-2's before making the conclusion. Just didn't seem as lively and I had the LCD-3's checked out for veil. The LCD-3's were more comfortable I gotta...
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    The (new) HD800 Impressions Thread

    Quote:   Personally I didn't really care for the HD800 with the mid-fi stuff that I have owned and sold them. The HD800 with my current setup now are my personal favorites and brought them to a whole new level and listening experience.
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    SF Bay Area Meet on Sunday February 17, 2013 (the one which is really going to happen)

    I would like to attend. Please sign me up if there is still room. Thanks!
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    I heard the Pinnacle paired with an HD800 at a meet and it was pure bliss. One of those stations I kept going back to because I couldn't believe how well it sounded.
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    Review: Violectric HPA V200 amp

    Quote:   Been using this brand for years on my home theater stuff. Decided to give the XLR cables a try with my V200/V800 combo, sounds good to me. If you don't like them they have a return policy.
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    Nor-Cal Feb 11/2012 Impressions Thread

    Very cool!. Answered many questions about my listening preferences and if electrostatic is in my near future. It is. Great turnout and helpful people. Thanks!
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    LCD2 Amp/Dac better than Nuforce HDP

    After much thought and reading I have decided to go with Violectric. I went with the V200/V800 combo and hopefully this will satisfy me for awhile. Thanks for all your input.   
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    LCD2 Amp/Dac better than Nuforce HDP

    obzilla, Thanks for your reply. The Burson is definitly one amp I have been considering. Now if I can only find a dealer close enough to go and try it out. Plus it looks like I might be able to find one used. After some more reading it looks like I should also look at the Lyr as well. An...
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    LCD2 Amp/Dac better than Nuforce HDP

    I am trying to decide on a amp/dac that is a  good step up from the Nuforce HDP paired with the LCD2 rev 2 headphone   My setup is like this right now:    pc--->foobar, lossless file--->Usb out--->HDP--->LCD2   I have tried the Woo Wa6 with the Sophia princess rectifier analog out from...
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