Headphone Inventory
-Darth Beyer V3's (Cocobolo, black gold cable)
-JVC HP-DX1000 (stock)
-Denon D5000 w/Markl mods & 10' Moon Audio Black Dragon cable
-Ultrasone Edition 9's w/6ft APureSound V3 recable w/Furutech plug
-Headphile one-off woodied Sony CD3000 drivers in Beyer casing w/high quality boom mic (great for gamers, I use for dictation at work) (not broken in yet)
-Shure E4c's (used <5 hrs b/c I can't stand IEM's)
-Yuin PK-1 (oops, 15 y.o. stepson lost them)
-Ultrasone HFI 700
-Bose QC2 (gift, but they got me by for years before I fell off the cliff)
-AKG K240 Sextetts MP
-AKG K240 Anniversary Ed.
-AKG K241
-Original white Ipod earbuds (currently used as cat toy)
Headphone Amp Inventory
Eddie Current Zana Deux # 31 w/Stefan Arts Audio umbilical

Singlepower Extreme (currently in ze hospital)

Singlepower Harmony (SS balanced)

Singlepower SDS-T (tube rectified SDS)

Singlepower Maestro

* all Singlepower amps are out being checked for health and upgraded (that's why I bought the ZD) *

Little Dot Mk IV SE w/ variety of NOS tubes, nothing too exotic

Meier Corda Opera analog (sold, sniff - I loved that amp)

Lisa III standard gain
Source Inventory
Mac Mini ->M2Tech HiFace -> Meier StageDAC

Some Denon Universal DVD-A/SACD/CD player (geez, can't remember the model # for the life of me, and I'm too lazy to go down the basement to look at it) (I thought it was a DVD-2900 but it's not) (oops, now it's done up and died, so I guess it doesn't matter what model it is anymore) (OK, now I got a DVD-2900) (to replace the mystery player, whose model # I still can't remember, even though it's rotting carcass is 5 feet to my left... I am very lazy, aren't I?)

Oppo DV-980H Universal DVD-A/SACD/CDP ($169 to replace the Denon thing, and it sounds pretty good)
Sony D-25S CDP (classic, great sound, battery shot but replaceable)

Ipod Classic 160gb, soon to be routed through Wadia i70 into Meier StageDac
Cable Inventory
Virtual Dynamics Testament 2.0 RCA-RCA

Lots of Brainsalad cables (love 'em, keep up the good work, Randy!)

ALO Jumbo Cotton Dock (OOP)

APureSound Black Dragon Digital Coax

Miscellaneous crap bought in the FS/FT forum when I only have <$100 left in my wallet (it's like those tickets you get at Chuckie Cheese-- "We only have 4 left, should we get the giant pencil or the rubber spider?")
Power-Related Components
One electrical outlet (110v) with about 18-20 power strips plugged into it in serial fashion, along with a fire extinguisher nearby for the eventual inevitable calamity

Stefan Arts Audio umbilical for Zana
Other Audio Equipment
A whole stinkin' mess of surround sound gear that I put years of work into assembling but can't use now b/c the living room has been claimed by hostile forces from the 9th grade

Adcom GFA-545 II amp, GTP-500 tuner/preamp

Nakamichi RX-202 Cassette Deck (haven't used since 1989, but can't let it go... it's the super-cool one that flips the tape around to reverse it, ala 9 1/2 Weeks (remember that movie?))
Audio-Related Tweaks
Aphex 204 Aural Exciter and Optical Big Bottom (loads of fun w/phones, and can't beat the name)

TDS Passive Audiophile (fantastic little gizmo, no power needed, makes night and day difference with headphones- I wish I bought both when Herb had them FS on Head Fi

Lots o' 6 and 12 v tubes of various vintage and variety
My new Palm Pre- fun fun fun, but not enough apps out yet


When Yunyan was sweeping, Douwu said "Too busy"
Yunyan said "You should know when there's one who isn't busy"
Douwu said "If so, there are two moons"
Yunyan held up the broom and said "Which moon is this?"

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