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    Open headphone recommandation

    Hi everyone, I currently using my Fidelio X2 (orginal, not the HR version). They are worn out and I want to change them. - I do not have any amp sadly, so I'm searching headphone good without the need of an amp. - I listen to everything : classical to jazz to rap to rock to metal. - I game...
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    Philips Fidelio X2?!

    I just bough a Fidelio x2 headphone, i'm now waiting for it to arrive :)   Any special thing I should know about them? What you guy you as an amp for them? Is it true that the earpads have ink leak problem? How to deal with this issue if so?   Can't wait omg :) My previous headphone was...
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    In search of a new headphone

    I pulled the trigger on the Fidelio X2. Found them on ebay, a demo product of an american audio company, so bough them at 250US vs the regular price at 299US. With the shipping and the currency conversion, it goes to 391 CAD.   Thanks to everyone for the help!
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    In search of a new headphone

    The problem is... i'm Canadian, so its pretty hard to find one at a decent price.   • My budget would be around 300$ for the headphone pair, I can go higher if the build quality is worth it. • I live in Canada. • I currently doesn't have an amp, but its on my to-buy list. • I don't need it...
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    In search of jack of all trades headphone under 300

    Yes its in my budget, but my question is more if its often go on sale. The hd598 go on sale each 3 month or so, I could wait if it is the case for the ma900!