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    SRH840 impression

    I got the set today (bought htem used, not sure of hours on them, but they seem brand new), not what I expected. They have the EXACT sound signature as my Klipsch promedia 2.1 (4 year old) speakers. One might ask how is that possible, well when I switch back and forth between the 840s and...
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    SRH840 impression

    Where can I buy a replacement cable for this? I haven't bought the phones yet but would be interested in getting a shorter cable...
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    Sony A7xx & A8xx clear case....$5.99??

    anyone try this case? Shield Protector Case 4 Sony Walkman NWZ-A726 A728 A729 - eBay (item 150266314175 end time Jul-09-08 10:57:03 PDT) how is the quality comparing to the one sold by Sony?
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    SD Card MP3players ?

    cowon iaudio d2
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    im716: Control volume on pod or mp3??

    do you guys control the volume with the control pod or with your mp3 player? does it make a difference in sound quality or battery life?
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    Iaudio D2 - how many movies can I fit??

    i've never had any experience with movies on a PMP, i've only been using a very old-school flash player for all this time. my Q: When i use the software Cowon provides with one of my 2 x 700MB divx movies, what does the size become?? I need to know this since im deciding between the 2 gig...
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    MP3Newswire: iPod Killers for Christmas 2006

    ipod's product is not only an mp3 player, but it's a marketing campaign. until another company has both, there will be no "ipod killer". im just annoyed by people keep using that term with inaccuracy.
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    SQ Battle: Nano 2G vs. Creative Zen V

    any opinions on this? i too am interested.
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    :: Trance/EDM heads :: Etymotic ER-6I or Shure E2G

    i know this is probably the most reposted on thsi forum considering all the newbies cant decide between which one to get. yes, ive read quite a few threads comparing the 2. so, shures have more bass, etymotics have more clarity and less bass. now, i just cant decide which one i want (do...
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    Best sounding flash player

    a few weeks back, i did a search through the forum. i found out ipod shuffle is really good sound quality. but it's hard to say "best" since sound quality is so subjective.
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    Iriver IFP-799 vs Ipod Shuffle

    i already have the ifp-799, but i want more "punch". should i get the ipod shuffle?? how does it compare to my iriver?? using with shure E2Gs.
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    im considering to get one. just gotta weight out the sacrificed value of no screen vs superior SQ
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    Shure E2C - warranty help

    my E2Cs crapped out on me recently (sound cracking, on and off in 1 ear). I emailed the guys at Shure and they've been really helpful and responsive. they want me to provide the # on the jack to prove its manufacturer date, but they are scratched off (from zen micro altoids case). Can...
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    Iriver IFP-899 or IFP-799

    after searching for mp3 player that has top sound quality and not so expensive, i decided on a iriver flash. 899 or 799, which one should i get?? is there a difference in sound between them?