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    FS: Grado SR-225

    Within minutes. Wow.
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    I actually just bought the new apple keyboard to use with my PC, it is easily my favorite keyboard that i have ever used.
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    coffee gadgets...

    Wow... I think I am a super taster... almost all those foods are things that I dislike! That explains a lot...
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    Mac OS X Leopard impressions thread

    Overall, what is the biggest and best change that they made? Time-Machine is great, but I don't want to have an external drive plugged into my laptop, otherwise I would love that feature.
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    Shoot me down if you want but... Pet-Fi?

    As posted in another thread, I just got a ferret! He is easily the most entertaining pet I have ever had...
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    coffee gadgets...

    Quote: Originally Posted by kugino it could be that you haven't had properly roasted and brewed coffee, then. good coffee should not be bitter. yes, i've had bitter coffee and nothing - not even milk - can save that. Really... Is there anywhere I can go that will make me a cup...
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    coffee gadgets...

    How many of you drink your coffee black? At the very least I have to add milk to mine, Coffee is just too bitter for me.
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    Old faithful just died :sad:

    You just scared me, I thought that you were saying the the geyser just sprayed for it's last time... Anyway, sorry about your tv.
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    Got migraine?

    this is ironic, i am just on the closing end of one right now. (still 'tender headed' and nauseous) luckily i popped some exedrine migraine (works like a charm for me) just in time and it only felt like a minor headache, which is good, since i had to sit in a car for almost 4 hours today. I...
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    MonoPrice Appreciation Thread!

    oh good god i love monoprice, i will be ordering a 20 ft hdmi to dvi cable there soon
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    really cool grado experience

    so, i am just sitting here enjoying music through my grados, and i suddenly get the idea to turn on my speakers at the same time (playing the same music), since grados are so open, they really don't block out much noise. What i got was really cool, i don't know how to describe it, it truly...
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    Who are the Greatest Bass Guitarists of All Time? John Entwistle, Geezer Butler, ...?

    My personal favorite bassist is Flea, but I will not even pretend to think he has more talent than claypool.
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    Chris Cornell leaves Audioslave!

    IMO this is terrible! Audioslave was one of my favorite bands, and Cornell was what made them so great. The fact that RATM is doing their little reunion stuff annoys me, since I really dislike Zach de LaRocha. Pairing the members of RATM with a vocalist that actually had talent made much more...
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    Who doesn't like their Wii?

    For the record, I don't one, but I don't like the Wii's that my friends and relatives have. without going to into it, controlling games such as zelda is ridiculously awkward, I beat all of twilight princess on gamecube, and played quite a bit of it on wii, the gamecube version wins hands down...
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    I got screwed on my driving test!

    I agree with plainsong, I came into this thread expecting that you would be the one who screwed up, and were just trying to pass the blame Now that i have read it, that is a real bummer man, it sucks that there are people like that in positions that can really screw you over. Good luck on...