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    IEMs reshelled into Custom Molds $80 in the USA (TripleFi 10, SE530, etc.) from FISHER HEARING

    Hi, I haven't been on this forum for a while, but I am brought back here because recently, my Q-jays went through the washer and dryer. I have tried them since then, and both channels worked, but after a few seconds, the right side went out. I am guessing this is because the cable has been...
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    Free: Mini-Mini Interconnects

    Although I don't need a cable, I would just like to say this is a very nice gesture!
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    Pictures of Your Portable Rig [Part XIII]

    Quote: Originally Posted by Tem wow chickenman, your ipod is sexy. every time i see a touch, i debate on holding off on getting a new 32gb model or if i should just wait for the zune hd? Haha thanks! Well, I really like my Ipod but nowadays, I mostly use it for music and only...
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    How do I book a behind-the-wheel test with California DMV ?

    thats odd, because I am a Canadian citizen too.. Hmm good luck at the DMV office
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    Yuin PK3 better then KSC 75?

    I prefer the KSC-75s in terms of sq because it has that extra sparkle(?) in the highs and it seems like it has a little more detail but like others have said, they look weird and they're not the best for portable use compared to the PK3s. Overall, I like the PK3s better, but that's just because...
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    Pictures of Your Portable Rig [Part XIII]

    Quote: Originally Posted by hifidk What theme is that? looks very nice =)
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    Does anyone else sleep with earplugs in?

    yep, I sleep with earplugs and haven't noticed any negative effects. Although I haven't used them for a while but that's because I got a pimple inside my ear =(
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    2Move DAC having connection problems

    D'oh! That was my problem. Thanks for pointing it out guys, wouldn't have known if I didn't ask
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    Which headphones started you off?

    I'm surprised the KSC-75's haven't been mentioned as much as i think they should have been. Well, I think the KSC-75's were the first headphones to open my eyes, after i started researching for new headphones because I wasn't satisfied with a pair of Sony ex81s. Well, lets just say I'm pretty...
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    Messed up cable on my PK3??

    Thanks for the reply, but I doubt I'll be able to buy a replace at the moment, so I'll have to find some other alternative, hopefully a little more wallet friendly. How is Fang's service after the warranty period is over?
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    Pictures of Your Portable Rig [Part XIII]

    Quote: Originally Posted by qusp LOL yeah I dont have any problems with cables except choosing which one to use on any given day; sometimes I just grab the closest; but mostly piccolino wins the day Show off.. *shakes fist angrily Eh, if I had as many cables as you, I'd have...
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    Pictures of Your Portable Rig [Part XIII]

    Quote: Originally Posted by dfkt Well, the q-Jays are the tiniest IEMs I know of... but the s-Jays sure are among the larger ones. Still smaller than the Super.Fi 5EB, though, and with better fit and form factor. Both on one photo sure looks shocking, same way I was shocked when I...
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    Official 2008 Black Friday Deals Thread

    just a heads up, I bought the 4gb clip from Best Buy for 35 bucks and the same deal can be found on Sorry to those people looking for black though, i think only Best Buy has that.
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    something you don't eat?

    mushrooms. Although some may sneak past me on a pizza, I abhor it. The texture, the taste, mushrooms are a vile fungi to me.