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    Most Amazing Low Cost Streamer: Arylic S10

    Oh, that's a really cool and cool solution. Thank you so much for the advice. I'm just looking for a way to beef up my audio system. I just really like to play VR games, and when you look for a long time here game on the website, the regular sound through the speakers spoils all the realism...
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    Back Home: USA first impressions

    My first impressions were that I realized how big this country is. What a huge area it is and how beautiful it is. I came to the United States for a trip to Arizona, I really wanted to visit Horseshoe Bend, because I had only seen this canyon for the first time on the Internet. But here I was...
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    Covid Anxiety

    After vaccination, no strange sensations were observed
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    what are you drinking right now..

    I like beer a lot, too.
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    Your favorite quotes.

    Regret is a waste of time. It is the past that cripples you in the present
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    Rate The Last Movie You Watched

    I watched Wrath of Man yesterday. Great movie.