it's always about me...for once, i'd like it to be about other people.
Headphone Inventory
Headphones: TH-X00 Ebony, he-400i with Ori Pads, 1993 silk screen HD 580s

Earbuds: Willsounds mk2, k's 300 pro, kinera buds,clear graphene buds, EMXs-500, vido, EPK2, monk+

IEMs: Tennmak Cello, Xiaomi Pro HD
Headphone Amp Inventory
Magni 3, PA 1502A tube amplifier
Source Inventory
Cayin N3, Modi 2
Cable Inventory
gimme the thiccness :>
Other Audio Equipment
vintage crap on deck cuh cuh. marantz 2245, realistic lab-500, and the vinyl to match. and some LSR 305s
Audio-Related Tweaks
I love Equalizer! :D no way to get the best sub-bass without it..
Music Preferences
indie of all types, nearly any kind of genre really. I do love lyrical music the most, whether indie rock or synth pop, but I do love anything from electronica to piano music.
custom built PC
UC student and professional hustler