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    Anyone use an indoor air purifier?

    I have had a couple of styles of indoor air purifiers. Two things to keep in mind: Sound Level & Replacement Media Cost/Availability. Media replacement can run into some serious $ pretty quickly. Noise level can be pretty high with some units also. FWIW, Curt
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    Amping Motorola Q?

    I already have the adapter (Sedio) from 2.5 to 3.5. The adapter also has an integrated microphone and a switch to accept/cancel calls. I have been listening to my Q though this adapter conected to my Ety 4p IEMs. I'm concerned, as Advil mentioned, that amping the output of the 2.5 -...
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    Amping Motorola Q?

    I have recently been listening to music on my Q through a sedio adapter and ety e4ps. I thought it sounded pretty good until I switched back to my iaudio G3 with the ety's and the same music files! Has anyone experimented with amping the headphone output of the Q? It may not be desireable or...
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    Looking for microphone for my 9300

    There has to be someone out there that has added a microphone to their laptop and can share their experience. Curt
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    Looking for microphone for my 9300

    I'm looking for a voice microphone for my Dell 9300, as it doesn't come with one built in. Has anyone tried this mic? If so I'm wondering if the 9300 will have enough plugin power to power the mic. (I guess I'll just end up getting one and giving it a try and going from there.)...
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    For cgetman: The Irksome Near-Existence of the Neuros III

    I have been watching this situation unfold and it seem that you have a good take on the present situation. The best action to take at this point as you have suggested is wait and see. They have come up with a very interesting product proposal but, will it end up being what has been...
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    SR-71 vs. Headroom Micro vs. Headroom Total Bithead?

    The analog audio out of the 9300 seems pretty clean when not playing music directly from CD. The only reason I was thinking of the USB option was if I couldn't get "clean" audio out of the 9300. The audio out of my two devices seem quiet so the USB option is probably not required. I guess...
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    SR-71 vs. Headroom Micro vs. Headroom Total Bithead?

    I'm evaluating which amp may be a better option for my use. I would be using the amp with a IPAQ 3955 running music off of a SD card and I would also be using it with my Dell 9300 laptop. The IPAQ would be an analog connection and the 9300 could be either analog or USB. I'm looking for...
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