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    Replacing HD600 driver -- do I need to buy HD650's?

    I've been looking to replace my HD600 driver after an accident which rendered it unusable.   Seeing as Sennheiser no longer supplies HD600 drivers, along with the fact that my HD600's have the older style black dampening, will I have to purchase HD650 drivers? And if so, is it possible to...
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    $200 Amplfier/DAC for Sennheiser HD600?

      Hello Head-Fi.     First impressions et.c. (yes, you may skip this part.) I recently got my hands on a pair of Senn HD600s, insanely cheap. Too cheap to pass up, even in christmas time as a poor student, especially fitting as my HD555s recently drew their last breath. The cans...
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    [SOLD] Samson SR-850

    PM sent.
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    Replacing my HD555's, help appreciated.

    I'm starting to think about keeping my HD555's to use them for movies and gaming (they're so super comfy) and order MS1i's with a friend. I'm not sure whether I'd like to get a new pair of 555's or 595's. I'd actually want try another sound than sennheiser! In any case, I take it the MS1i's are...
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    Replacing my HD555's, help appreciated.

    Hello, as the title suggests, I'm on a hunt for a new pair of headphones. The right channel driver on my HD555's has broken. There's buzzing at the low-mids at fairly low volume. Now, the only decent pair of headphones I've ever heard are these 555's (with the 595-esque mod). I have enjoyed...
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