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    The Hopelessly Derailed ODAC/Objective DAC Anticipation/Discussion Thread

    It's crazy that "we" are measuring the headphones and amps to within the threshold of human hearing and then having debates about how these things sound. When the most important part of he entire equation is the human element. Since all the "science" that is being introduced in the arguments...
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    Gear for a runner

    the lightest player out is the ipod shuffle, good player not great though. But if you are using it to train then it doesnt have to be that quality. Its almost perfect for working out, Sansa clip isn't bad either.
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    The Zune is Dead, Long Live the Zune HD

    Apps for a music playing device??? How many folks use the touch for apps? Most of you have been around long enough to understand some this stuff. Its the same people who cringe and thinks its a waste of $$ to buy headphones over $79. Is the Zune or the touch or the cowon the best player out...
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    Car rca's

    I am trying to make 3 sets of car rca's, i am looking for the best shielded cable to do this. Can anyone point me in the right direction please?? I used the search feature and the topic of car audio stuff was slim pick'ns
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    The HD800 Pricing: Some thoughts

    Think of all the over priced things we consume everyday. Simple things like coffee and bottled water, diamonds, sunglasses, "art" etc... I am not saying they worth it or not. Its up to the consumer, and he/she will decide that for themselves. $1.5k headphones are only a waste if you don't enjoy...
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    VMWare Fusion vs Bootcamp???

    Parrallels is faster than vmware, better response time etc.......
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    Is Head-Fi becoming more expensive than speaker-fi?

    I was looking into getting my parents media room up to snuff and the total cost to redo the room with allot beer & pizza help is crazy. Redo the room it self with proper insulation and sound deadening material was - 8k To rewire the room was another - 5k To have someone design the interior...
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    Ultimate Ears UE4 Pro Review (Well, A Mini-Review Anyway)--The Poor Man's UE10 Pro

    I have never understood why product packaging would make a difference in buying a product. And why it drives the cost up for a pretty box, just insane.
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    What makes you unique? (Brag about yourself)

    I am charming, according to some ones wife and sister....... SHe maybe an ex-wife by now... I should call an ask. That was a great weekend in laguna Seca !!!!!!!!! And i can see god anywhere between 60mph and above for a about 200 yards.... I invited a a girl who does a pole dancing class...
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    500$ to spend, what headphones

    Ultrasone 900 Pro ....... I love mine.... Various threads to tell you what they sound like.
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    Comparable portable amp

    looks nice, i am leaning that way my self after much reading
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    Help me decide on a hard disk :)

    Quote: Originally Posted by ljokerl If you want to provide better numbers, be my guest. Like i said, those are from my experience, with my files, using windows copy and a stopwatch because windows copy is typical for most users (and I'm quite lazy). Also, I do not have a PATA drive to...
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    Comparable portable amp

    I thought i could get two of them in there and trickle charge it???