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    Sennheiser Headphone Connector

    a couple razor blades
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    Sennheiser Headphone Connector

    I cut into the connectors and removed the old wire, put a new one in. painless experience. far superior quality. you just have to be patient, it's not that big of a deal to do. good luck.
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    best way to buy a single component (1/8" stereo neutrik plug)

    So i want to buy a neutrik black shell, silver (or gold) 1/8th NYS standard stereo plug, but shipping is around five dollars, for a 99 cent piece. any ideas as to how to get one for closer to 1 dollar? thanks
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    Pimeta power adapter question

    hmm, that looks good, but is there an option for one that i can leave plugged in at all times that bypasses the batteries? as in, one that powers the amp, but doesnt charge the batteries. i could just take the batteries out? or switch between battery and wall power.
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    Pimeta power adapter question

    hmm i'll look into that, thanks. that will power the unit as it charges too, correct?
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    Pimeta power adapter question

    I built a pretty standard portable pimeta last year, running off two 9v batts, but i never got around to making a power adapter for the wall. What exactly do i need to do to make it plug into the wall. charging the batteries is unnecessary , but would be cool. so is it a matter of just adding...
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    Quick Question regarding Ipod and headphone case

    What about hard cases? does anyone have experience with a good hard case?
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    grado sr225s driver question?

    i purchased these used, and broken. the person i purchased them from tried to fix them and damaged them. so. I dont know what to do. will grado fix them for a fee if they are old?
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    grado sr225s driver question?

    any ideas? is using a hairdryer on them for a couple seconds a bad idea?
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    Say I had $450... What to do?

    personally i would suggest hiding it from yourself, along with head-fi. Im beginning to see the inherent problem of head-fi and a limited wallet.
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    HD700 definetly the new Sennheiser headphone name?

    Quote: Originally Posted by Duggeh Maybe they will skip 700 altogether and make some more HD1000s instead. ah, but once upon a time there were hd1000s
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    quick diode question!

    what exactly is MBR1045 - SCHOTTKY BARRIER RECTIFIERS 10 AMPERES 20 to 45 VOLTS that is it something that will work as a schottky diode for a pimeta D1? thanks so much.
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    nice face mounted 3.5mm jacks?

    Im looking to buy a few 3.5mm jacks to mount on the face of an amp, I cant seem to find any of very high quality, any suggestions?
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    Sennheiser plugs for recabling

    it's easier to salvage the ends off the 650 cable, because they are bigger.
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    Cabling Questions

    Ok, so basically i want to recable my senns, but i've never done it before, so im going to practice on a friends pair of bose triports what im going use is Canare starquad (L-4E6S) for the main part of the cable them use Canare L-2T2S for the split to the cans. terminating with a switchcraft...