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    Music Game IX

    Quote: "Heavens a lie" - Lacuna coil
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    Hip-Hop/Rap Headphone around $300

    Denons are also good for this kind of music. 
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    Cheapest online store/seller to buy M50?

    Quote: Well...i think they are pretty hard to find at $90. Unless you buy them used. 
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    A good pair of cans for a beginner

    Quote: In this case The SR225i's could be good. Their bass is nice. 
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    will the m50 be powered sufficiently with a pico amp?

    Quote: They are known to be Fun sounding, i do love my M50's as well. They can benefit from any amp. 
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    Extending the range of Sennheiser RS-180 wireless system

    First time i hear something like this...all my phones are wired.    Try to look at the DIY forums. 
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    Trying out a new sound...

    Quote: Shures will give you balanced sound, but i think you will like more the A700's. Their soundstage is wide. 
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    Got my K701's today!

    I dont think you are plugging them to your mp3 players. right? 
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    What's the first CD…

    My first Cd was "Enema of the state" by blink 182, i think it was mentioned before in this thread. Great cd!
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    Music Game IX

    Quote: "Almost famous" - Eminem
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    Next Best Upgrade

    Quote: I understand what you mean... They are not defective, they just need more power.  You have different can get a soundcard with an integrated headamp (Asus xonar essence stx) or a headphone amp.  Try playing with the settings of your soundcard also...sometimes it...
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    Inception: Film of the Year?

    Quote:   lol...possibly he took the concept for the movie from it.   
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    Best way to get from Toronto to NYC

    Quote: Yeah, thats the best way to know the place and his surroundings.  You can visit the trip advisor site, to get more information and prices....
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    Yamaha rh5ma vs Ultrasone 450 vs Ultrasone 650

    I have never tried them, but i can say the JVC HA-RX700's are bang for the buck...and good sounding. 
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    Good ~$100 headphones for console JRPGs?

    Just wait for the AD700's and HD555 suggestions!