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    Landmark music piracy case

    Quote: Originally Posted by Eisenhower The Pirate Bay owners have been sentenced jail time. I was wondering what some of you think about the whole music piracy thing. I'm a college kid, so I feel quite alone in supporting...
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    Economy Car Suggestions Please

    Quote: Originally Posted by srozzman Let me clear up a few key points here. I live in America, and do not plan on importing a car (sorry ford fiesta). Also, I know VW has a bad track record, but I have been doing some research on the Rabbit (Golf), and while it seems like the MkIV was...
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    Economy Car Suggestions Please

    Quote: Originally Posted by 1UP Economy and not a hybrid? Hybrids are overpriced, overlycomplicated garbage. Economy = small car with small curb weight and small engine. Plus it's actually reliable and unusually fun to drive.
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    The Car/Motorcycle/Motorsport/Anything fast enough to do something stupid in thread!

    Quote: Originally Posted by appophylite I can't really do anything stupid going fast in this, but I can sure think of a lot of other fun and/or stupid things I can do! 2009 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited Sahara. I signed off on it two weeks ago, and brought it home, and today...
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    Vintage Audio

    I love vintage stuff. My entire audio system is vintage, except the digital decoder. Over 1000 watts of vintage 1970s Technics Equipment. It is awesome.
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    Professional wardrobe advice

    To avoid looking like a complete corporate tool, I get all my button up shirts at Pac Sun or Zoomies. They still have collars and buttons but a lot more style, you wind up looking a lot more "fresh". For slacks, I have no idea, I bought some at Kohls. They cover my legs and dangly bits so I...
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    Good knife set?

    Quote: Originally Posted by fordgtlover I would suggest that even the best knife is useless if it's not sharp. The best value sharpener I have found is AccuSharp; easy to use and effective. My mother-in-law loves it because she can now sharpen her own knives. Maybe a decent...
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    My Car is a Lemon

    Quote: Originally Posted by olblueyez Try owning a few german cars, they are the worst, constant problems that should not happen on a modern car, lying and BS when you go to get them fixed, the worst I tell you. This comes from owning a Mercedes, a VW, and an Audi. And since my lawsuit...
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    Need ideas for college pranks.

    Paper bag+ shaving cream+ shove edge of bag under door. Knock on door, wait for someone to get close, stomp on bag. Run.
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    College Prank War.

    Quote: Originally Posted by panik343 So today my roommates and I were informed of a "cat fight" involving a group of our girl friends. A majority of us went downstairs to see what had happened. The big glistening smiles on our faces were soon turned into frowns when we have found out...
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    Need ideas for college pranks.

    Quote: Originally Posted by jilgiljongiljing ah here we go again. Why don't you ask one of our members about "The Most EPIC prank ever" ? Hey, you remembered! Unfortunately you didn't remember quite right, because I CLEARLY stated it was the most EPIC prank I have ever done to...
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    Anyone ever have a really expensive hobby on which they regret spending $?

    Holy crap. I guess I never realized how many nerds we have in here.... judging by the amount of people who fell for that Pokemon craze. Damn people, what were you thinking?! I don't get the appeal AT ALL. The car stuff? Yeah, I can see it, and I can see why it'd be a waste, especially heavily...
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    Anyone ever have a really expensive hobby on which they regret spending $?

    Quote: Originally Posted by Dual Buying 1000+ Pokemon cards. Quote: Originally Posted by Outro You win. AHahHAhAHahhHahaa a
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    My New Toy Can Beat Up Your New Toy!

    I noticed it and was about to post What regarding them. What the hell are those supposed to be?! HAhahahaha
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    Help: Converting AAC to Apple Lostless

    I THINK PEOPLE CAN QUIT POSTING. His question has been answered like seven times.