Worked as a dj on college radio and worked as a club dj in a legendary club for over ten years. Have seen more cool bands than the average bear. Still enjoy and have a passion for new music but also a great book (preferably on audio).
Music, movies, tv shows, pc gaming, Books, travels.
Family,Travel, restaurants, photography, books (mostly audio)
Headphone Inventory
Portable/home: UM MEST, Penon Volt/Orb, CA Solaris, Atlas, Andromeda(s), Noble Khan, Katana, Encore, MoFasest Trio, EM Valkayrie, Hyla CE-5, AAW W900, 64 Audio U12/Trio, plus others.
DAP's: DX220, Hiby 5, Fiio M11pro
Home: ZMF Vérité Closed, Aeolus, Rosson Audio Design RAD-0, Denon AHD-9200, Mr Speakers Ether, Ether C Flow & AEON 2, LCD-3 & 2c, XC, Fostex TH900 & TH-X00, beyerT1 2nd Gen, Sennheiser HD800/HD700, CA Cascade plus others.
Headphone Amp Inventory
Bryston BHA-1, Questyle CMA800 (2) monoblock
older: Burson Audio Soloist, Schiit Lyr, Audio-gd Compass, Xonar Essence soundcard

at work:
Audinst Hud-MX2
Portable: Leckerton UHA-6S, C&C BH
Source Inventory
RME ADI-2 DAC, Portable: DX200amp.8, DX120, Sony NWZX300,Onkyo dp-x1, astell & kern AK120Ⅱ, Cowon Plenue P1
Music Preferences
Indie, electronic, ambient, alternative, post-rock, 80's alternative, Punk (first couple of generations), New Wave, synth-pop, early industrial, classical music (mostly modern) and Jazz (both classic plus modern)


Current IEM rotation: UM MEST, Penon Volt/Orb, MoFasest Trio, EM Valkayrie, NF Audio NM2+, CA Solaris/Andro (s), Noble Khan/ Katana/ Encore, 64 Audio U12/Trio others
DAP's: DX220, Hiby 5, Fiio M11pro
Home rotation: Hifiman HE6SE, Ananda, Denon AHD-9200, ZMF VC, Auteur, Aeolus, Rosson RAD-0, Mr Speakers Ether, Ether C & AEON 2, LCD-3 & 2c, XC, Beyer T1 2nd, others
Home Source: RME ADI-2 DAC with Bryston BHA-1, Questyle CMA800R (2) monoblock , Monolith by Monoprice Liquid Platinum (