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    FS: Beresford DAC TC-7510 (UK)

    Sorry about the delay...yes it is still available mate.
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    SOLD: Audio Technica ATH-EW9 (UK)

    Bump for price drop £75.
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    Echo Indigo Question

    Yeah, thats what i was thinking....anyone confirm?
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    Echo Indigo Question

    Can i use the Echo Indigo and hook it up to the Tape In on my hi-fi to play music from my speakers?
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    The Plasma & LCD TV Thread: Post Pics of Yours? Ask Questions?

    Iv got a Samsung similar to the earlier post. I think they are also the best looking TV's which means quite a lot as they are unfortunately now the focal point of most living rooms.
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    Excellent buyer and excellent communications and very patient. Would recommend doing business with him any time.
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    Jerome G

    Bought a pair of Grado SR225's from Jerome G. Excellent communications and great to deal with. Item was exactly as stated. Would recommend doing business with him any time.
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    IC:Grado RS-1 (UK)

    Now for sale...
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    Killed my iRiver H120...

    I bought a cameron sino for my H140, but i did have to switch the wires when i installed it.
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    WTS: Yuin PK1 (UK)

    £57 shipped, pay with paypal.
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    Cowon D2 Alarm Clock speakerless portable player

    The clix comes with a very nice little dock and remote control that has speakers. Kinda makes it look like a retro TV.
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    WTB: Yuin PK1

    Where are you located mate?