Audiophile on debt.
Musical Pilgrimage, a journey to far distant music collection in search of nostalagic momentum.
- Gaming (From PC to all console games)
- Hardware Tweaks (Overclocking, tweaking, modding)
- Reading (Sci-Fi, Fiction, History & Mysteries)
- Movie (everything...)
Headphone Inventory
AKG: K701 (w SAA Equinox cable)
DENON: D2000
KOSS: KSC-55 & UR-30
Headphone Amp Inventory
1. Xin SuperMacro III V6 (LM4562)
2. Penguin CMOY Caffeine amp
3. Lisa III XP

1. Heed Canamp
2. iBasso D1
3. Oritek Headamp (Returned)
Source Inventory
1. iBasso D1 (USB DAC)
2. RWA imod Photo 40GB
3. Audigy 2 ZS (Paxx Modded/Soft Mod)
4. OMZ v4.1 DAC
Cable Inventory
1. Turbo Diabolous V11 ipod Dock
2. ALO 22G mini to mini cable
3. Stevenkelby's Cryo X mini to RCA cable (Eichmann Bullet plug & Canare F12)
4. Van De Hul "The Name" RCA cable
5. Belkin Stereolink cable for ipod
6. BlueJeansCable Mini to RCA Digital Coax cable.
Power-Related Components
1. Soundright PN-2 Powercord
2. HighEnd G&W 4 way Line Conditioner
Other Audio Equipment
1. iRiver IFP-180 TC (vintage mp3 player)
2. Sony D-EJ925 Portable CD Player
3. Yamaha Natural Sound Stereo Amp A-420
4. Creative Megaworks 550
5. Klipsch Promedia 4.1 (Sub woofer broken)
Audio-Related Tweaks
1. Audigy 2 ZS - Paxx Modded
2. iBasso D1 opamp rolling
3. XIN SMIII V6 opamp rolling
4. iMod-ing my iPod photo
5. Heed Canamp mod (opamps rolling)
Music Preferences
- Jazz (Fusion, Acid, Nu-Jazz, asian/japan style)
- Rock (Nu-metal, Alternative, rap-core)
- Classical (Orchestra, esp Rachmaninov & Bach - Joe Hisashi arrangements & Japanese composer)
- Metal (Speed Metal like Slipknot)
- Pop (Good voiced pop songs, classic pop, etc)
- Gospel (Hillsong, Christian songs, & Christmas songs)
- Acoustic (Chill-out, instruments and relaxing songs)
Multimedia Designer


"Visually everything here is imperfect, but sonically they're mesmerizing"
Head-Fi Feedbacks
Portable rig iMod Photo → Xin SMIII V6 (2x BUF634 + 2x OPA627) → Yuin PK-1
Home rig X-FI Xtrememusic (as transport) → BJC Coax → OMZ v4.1 → VanDeHul "The Name" IC → Lisa III XP → AKG K701 (w SAA...