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Investment Accountant (CPA, CMA)

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500+ Head-Fier, Male

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Oct 1, 2017
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    Investment Accountant (CPA, CMA)
    Golf, hockey (long suffering Toronto Maple Leaf fan), two channel audio, watches
    Headphone Inventory:
    Senn HD-800 (Blue Dragon balanced), LCD-2 (Blue Dragon balanced), Grado PS-1000, Grado GS-1000, Sony MDR CD3000 (balanced), Sony MDR CD3000 Headphile Deep Cups Balanced, Sony SA-500, HiFiMan HE-5 and 400i, JVC HA-DX1000, Grado HF2, Darth Beyer V3 Open, Denon AHD-2000 (wood cups & J-money pads), Senn HD-650 (Balanced), Senn HD-600 (Balanced), Senn HD-580 (Cardas), Ultrasone HFI-780, Beyer DT880 & 990 (600 Ohm), STAX 404, Mr Speakers Mad Dogs, Audio-technica Grandioso ATH-1000X, Magnums V5 Turbulent X Drivers,

    Owned: Grado 225, HF-1 (Headphile), RS2, RS1, 325i, AKG K340 Stock, AKG K340 Modded, AKG 701,Grado RS-1 Super Vintage,
    Headphone Amp Inventory:
    Little Dot MK VI+, Darkvoice 337, Little Dot MK VII, STAX SRM-3, Hornet, Compass, Larocco PRII, Arrow, XENOS X1HA-EPC, Go-Vibe V6m
    Source Inventory:
    Little Dot DAC_1 (balanced), DACMagic, Compass, iPod Classic 80GB, Jolida JD100A, Denon DVD 2900, Cambridge Audio 640C V2
    Other Audio Equipment:
    Speakers - Paradigm Studio 100 v5, Martin Logan Source, Rega Naos, Infinity RS5, Polk RiTa7, Monitor Audio Silver Series RS1

    Integrated Amplifiers: Sansui AU-7900, Jolida 1501RC, Luxman L-450, Shuguang Classic S8MK Integrated KT88 Tube Amplifier

    Receivers - McIntosh, Marantz 2245, 2235B, 2226B, Sansui G-7000, Sansui 7070

    Turntables: Thorens TD-166 MKII, Project
    Music Preferences:
    Rock - Zeppelin, Rolling Stones, Hendrix, Pink Floyd, Neil Young, The Doors, Tragically Hip, Cowboy Junkies, Bob Dylan, The Band

    Blues - Eric, Clapton, Ronnie Earl, Mick Taylor, Buddy Guy, Joe Bonamasa

    Jazz -Diana Krall, Duke Ellington, Count Basie, Miles Davis, Patricia Barber, Oscar Peterson, etc.
    Married with 2 boys & a proud grandfather of two


    Headphones: LCD-2, PS1000, HD800, 600 & 650 (balanced), CD3000 (stock & Headphiled balanced), HE-5 (balanced), HA-DX1000, Darth (open v3), AH-D2000, HF2, HFI-780, ESW9, SR-404, SRH840 Feedback
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