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    kindly recommend a portable mp3 player for my needs... please... pretty please...

    Quote: Originally Posted by camote What's the actual size of the MuVO N200 1.0 GB? I think I should have been more specific with my question. I was actually looking for the actual memory size of the player.
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    kindly recommend a portable mp3 player for my needs... please... pretty please...

    Quote: Originally Posted by mutanthead I have a MuVo N200. Have had it about 2 weeks. Works great. I run 7 miles/day. No problems thus far. I am using standard crummy headphones for now but have a pair of Challenger M earphones coming soon. I have the 1 Gig model, black. Good luck...
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    Creative MuVo Slim

    Found the answer to number 2 on Creative's site. For those wondering, Windows 98SE is supported.
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    Creative MuVo Slim

    I have a few questions concerning the Creative MuVo Slim. 1 - As far as I know, the Slim is currently the slimmest MP3 player available. Am I correct? 2 - Does the Slim support Windows 98SE? Yes 3 - Does the Slim support VBR (--alt-present standard) MP3s? 4 - Because the Slim only supports...
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    Smallest MP3 Player

    What is currently the smallest MP3 player?
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    Portable Speakers

    Hi. I am looking for portable speakers. I am looking for something that is only one unit (or two that attach together) and doesn't require an amp, batteries, or plugging in. Any recommendations?
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    School Headphones

    My current set is the MX-400. I am able to wear them like the Shure E2c (behind the ear) and not have them visible except for the cord behind your neck. Wouldn't the KSC-35 be too big? Portapros are out the question since they are too large. Should I just stick to the MX-400?
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    New Headphones Needed -- Specific

    Hey. I am in need of some new headphones that I can use while running. My current pair are in the Senn. MX400 w/ RS pads but the left driver broke. The MX400 were my first "real" pair of headphones, and I found the sound to be alright, but even after 1+ years or using them, they still didn't...
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    MX400 Pads

    thank for the rec. they sound a lot better now!
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    Ottawa Meet: DEC 14th, It's Official

    Will anybody be selling any headphones here? I am interested in getting a new pair and if anyone is selling any, it would be great!
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    World's best AB workout!!!

    PM me too please.
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    Which Headphones

    PC - M-Audio Revo No Amp. Any other suggestions?
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    They also have to be able to stay in my ears overnight (or at least until I fall asleep).
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    I'm looking for earplugs. I heard the Ety ER20s are great, but I don't think they suit my needs (I haven't tried them). I need something that takes out ALL SOUND (or most) and is COMFORTABLE.
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    What Headphones (Locally)

    Hi. I am looking for something that sounds at least decent, and has a good value. They also need to be comfortable. They will be used on the computer, and no other source (unamped). Open or closed, portable or not >> doesn't matter. All prices are in CANADIAN dollars BTW. I will be buying at...