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    Crack;Bottlehead OTL

      I started a thread with another photo, but here is my bottle head crack with speed ball Chassis that I  made from aluminum and stainless steel. I already had the Crack board from another chassis.
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    All Aluminum Bottlehead Amp....

    Thanks everyone!  
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    All Aluminum Bottlehead Amp....

     I © 2012   I know there is a big thread about the Bottle Head Amp. I thought I would post this one, it's the last project I made before I became too ill with what a neuromuscular problem, so it may be my last project like this. I already had the board from another Bottle Head Crack with...
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    my amp 2 .jpg
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    my amp 1.jpg
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    glow amp.jpg
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    Sell everything for a RS1?

    I have had the sr80, 325i, rs2, and rs1 at the same time. I was glad to have had the chance to spend time with all of them. They were different enough that I had many pleasureful evenings comparing the sounds of each of them, although they sound similar enough that I would be happy with only the...
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    New Beyer DT1350

      Maya Tlab,   I think the graphs match the sound that I have heard on the p5 and the dt1350 quite well, as well as showing the midbass bump witht he lack of extension that some have reported on the hd25's.   If you look at the posted graphs there is a slight midbass hump in the graph...
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    Modding the Beyer DT1350

    I found the dt1350's sound much fuller with nuforce hdp > bottlehead crack with speedball using a bugle boy 12au7a + tungsol 5998 (I believe the 5998 brings the out put impedance to about 90- 100 ohms)   It sounds significantly fuller than the hdp by itself, my macbook pro headphone jack, or...
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    Sennheiser HD800 Certificate for Frequency Response Arrived

    I am curious if the frequency fluctuation is engineered into the design (as in: "later vs earlier" versions) or if this is just the result of normal manufacturing variation.
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    New Beyer DT1350

    My pair of Dt1350's just arrived today. Played music through them without listening for about 4 hours.   Just a quick first impression:   I watched a blue-ray movie through an onkyo reciever playing into a presonus hp4 (that way my wife and I can both use headphones) They were very good...
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    At what point are headphones no longer worth their price tag?

    Quote: Originally Posted by TakashiMiike  "it also made things that I knew were not supposed to be sibilant, sibilant. My girlfriends voice on skype became sibilant and grating, and she has quiet a smooth next big audio purchase is either going to be hd800's + bottlehead crack +...
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    Shure SRH 940 impression and support thread

    Quote: When I read the warning I think it specifically means to keep it away from plastic:   "Restrictions and Cautions: Plumbers putty contains oil. Do not use on marble, granite, plastics or any porous surfaces. A silicon caulk or Hercules Sta-Put Ultra putty is formulated for...